Natural Remedies for Eczema & Skin

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Natural remedies for eczema, rashes, sunburn, psoriasis and  more…I’ve collected the best of natural remedies and even one conventional cortisone product for stubborn outbreaks that comes highly recommended from Mom’s who have battled (and won!) long term with eczema.

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 Home Remedies for Eczema

Though I’ve never personally dealt with eczema, many of the Mamas on the Herbal Chick Chat group have lots of experience with it. Though it’s an external issue, many Mama’s are *convinced* that eczema is an inside out problem that starts in the digestive tract and may be related to allergies and gut health. Why? They’ve used every cream they can get their hands on, without making a long term dent. But making some healthy diet changes have changed everything!

Here are the strategies and home remedies for eczema that (in combination) have brought relief and in some cases complete reversal to soft healthy skin:

  • Go Paleo or whole foods/low glycemic: remove refined flours, artificial flavoring, food dyes, and any other foods that cause you discomfort or reactions from your diet. If you’re using grains, use healthy, low glycemic sprouted, soaked, or fermented whole grains like soaked oatmeal, homemade sourdough bread, or sprouted breads. This easy bread is delicious, quick, and low glycemic. We *love* it as a pizza crust or focaccia bread!
  • Embrace healthy fats: butter, coconut oil, fish, nuts, seeds, eggs, etc. EPA in Evening Primrose oil can be very helpful in some cases.
  • Add a good probiotic to support gut health, and if protein digestion is tricky a good enzyme may be useful short term. (Using bitters should amp up your natural production of these long term.)
  • Be a regular kinda guy. Keep those bowels moving at least once a day or use a product to help assist transit time like yellow dock capsules, Natural Calm, or Milk of Magnesia.
  • Use digestive bitters after meals to stimulate more robust digestion. This was the final tipping point for a friend who suffered from eczema since childhood. The bitters stimulate healthy digestion. I wrote more about bitters here. (Bonus: it supports lung health too!)