Need Help Sleeping? Try This Remedy

Trouble sleeping? This app makes a HUGE difference for me!Need help sleeping? This free remedy might surprise you…it’s a digital download. But I *promise* you that it made a big difference in my ability to fall asleep quickly at night.

You may have seen the articles that people who use phones or devices at night don’t sleep as well. That may be partially due to the light from the screen, more so than the interaction or stimulation. Light…specifically blue light that mimics sunlight keeps our brains awake and engaged, and can block the hormone cascade that is supposed to help us wind down at the end of the day.

I noticed a BIG change in my ability to sleep when I installed the free Twilight app on my phone.


You can adjust the settings to suit your preferences. The one I like syncs your screen with the sun cycle, gradually giving you dimmer, pinker lighting on your screen…like this:


It’s way easier on your eyes. Here’s my attempt at letting you see the difference.


I also installed a free app on my desktop called f.lux that dims the screen in sync with the sun. A couple of months back, I had to have a repair done, and I forgot to reinstall f.lux after my laptop came back. It took me a full week of wondering why I was having such a hard time falling asleep to realize how powerful these little screen dimming apps can be. After re-installing, I was falling asleep with no problems, and getting sleepy at a more normal time.

While there is a time and place for bright daylight bulbs, consider changing bulbs in the lamps you use at night to a pinker bulb. Home improvement stores will often have displays that show you the different ‘colors’ of the bulbs. My Mom has found that using a red (Christmas) bulb in her nightlight really helps her get back to sleep a lot quicker for those middle of the night potty breaks. Give it a shot!



Is this something that you are going to try? Pin or share to spread the word, and please come back and let me know if you notice a difference. :)


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  1. Fran clark says

    Was distracted while installing twilight and chose android instead of iphone….can’t figure out how to uninstall so I ca do it again the right way ….aargh. Please help !

  2. Rebecca says

    I have been using f.lux for a few months now and I am in love! About 6 pm it gets dimmer (more orange than pink). I have stayed up till 3am with it on movie mode and when it switches it gets sooooo dark there is no doubt it’s bedtime! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing the other apps my hubby wanted one for his phone! :)

  3. Paula Horton says

    I would like to download the Twilight to my ipad but your link to download it states that it requires an android. Do you know of an app that you would recommend for ipad/iphone?