More Bluebird Pictures

First, I’d like to introduce you to the lovely couple.

Mr. Bluebird, whom you’ve seen before, is the showy dresser in the family.  He’s very loyal and the defender of the turf.  Mr. Bluebird does his share in taking care of his family, bringing food to his wife and babies.

Mrs. Bluebird is more subtle in her coloring.  She’s got peach undertones and a blue shot of color on her tail.  She keeps careful watch on her eggs.  Since it’s so warm here, she isn’t sitting on them full time, but is swooping in on a regular basis to check on them and turn them.

Isn’t she pretty?  Speaking of eggs, they are now expecting…

five little ones!  (One is very hard to see because it’s laid so close to the front wall of the nest box.)

Occasionally, one egg will be a ‘dud’ and not hatch.  Five is usually the maximum that a bluebird pair will lay, as they can’t keep up with feeding more than that after they hatch.

They are about to be some VERY busy parents!  I’ll post more shots when the babies hatch.

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