Rooibos Chai Tea

Roobios-Chia-Tea-II Roobios chia tea is a lifesaver.  I love coffee with real cream, even though I didn’t indulge daily.  So it really stunk big time when I discovered that I needed to cut out caffeine.  I was never a huge fan of herbal teas, but on recommendation of friends, I’ve discovered a few really delicious teas that pair nicely with my E breakfasts.  This Roobios chia from Savvy Teas & Herbs is one of them.

And today, I have a special treat to share!  Someone is going to WIN a $35 gift certificate to Savvy Teas & Herbs…don’t forget to enter just below the Trim Healthy Tuesday posts below!

Also, through Monday, August 26th, you can enter the promo code GWEN10, and get 10% off any purchase at Savvy Teas & Herbs.  Savvy teas has a HUGE selection of high quality loose leaf teas, including herbal blends, green and oolong.  They also stock herbs, natural soaps, and homemade vanilla extract.  Love me some Savvy!

roobios tea

It’s pronounced ROY-boas…the last syllable is pronounced like “boast” w/o the ‘t’.

If you’ve never tried Rooibos, then you’re in for a treat!  This is a true herbal tea…so it’s naturally and fully caffeine free…great news for Mamas who are pregnant, nursing, or who just don’t jive well with caffeine.  And WAIT until I tell you about the health benefits!

Roobios originates in Africa, where it’s been used and prized as a healing tea.  It’s harvested from the bark of the red bush, or honeybush and it does have a naturally honey-woodsy flavor.


Nickole, from Savvy Teas adds a custom blend of spices, and just a touch of stevia leaves to the organic rooibos, so it’s perfectly spicy and sweet, and amazing.  This chai is not intensely spicy or hot, but it’s just a great ‘pumpkin pie’ level of flavor and spice that makes me smack my lips. I’m kind of a sucker for fresh ginger, so I’ll toss a thumb of that in as well.


If you like a kickier blend, you can always toss in cinnamon sticks, black peppercorns, or whatever fresh or dried spices you have on hand while it steeps.  Using whole herbs is nice, because you get all the flavor and none of the sludge.  Here I am using about a half cup of the tea blend to 2 1/2 cups of boiling water.

Health Benefits of Roobios Tea

Rooibos is a local ‘superfood’ herb in regions where it grows wild.  It’s used traditionally in Africa to treat allergies, colic, skin conditions, digestive problems, and nervous tension.  It’s super rich in antioxidants, and even contains certain antioxidants not found in other teas.  Rooibos has up to 50% more Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) than green tea!  It has also been shown to be protective against certain cancers, great for circulation and high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels.

Rooibos is very high in minerals, providing magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron and more. It contains only about half of the tannins than green or black teas, which enhances your body’s ability to absorb that iron.  AND it’s rich in flavoniods, especially quercetin, which you may remember from my onion blog post…quercetin is a fantastic anti-inflammatory.

Rooibos can also be applied externally for skin irritations like eczema, dermatitis, sunburns, diaper rash, itchy/rashy skin, acne and rosacea.  Studies are also showing promising results with inhibiting DNA damage, decreasing inflammation, and even reducing fasting blood sugar levels.

And, unlike black or green teas, roobios is naturally caffeine free, and actually helps you get a restful night’s sleep.  This is GOOD stuff!

Rooibos Chai Tea

Rooibos can be enjoyed hot or cold.  I like to steep it in a jar or my coffee press for long periods of time until it’s nice and rich.  Since it’s technically a bark, it is hearty enough to boil for long periods of time (called a ‘decoction’), and this is actually how I’ve been told that it’s done in Africa.  I like to make a very strong concentrate and keep it in the fridge.  If I want it cold, I pour it over ice, and then add almond milk or cream.  If I want a hot cup of tea, I just add the tea concentrate, and boiling water to the strength that I prefer.  Perfect.

So that’s the whole story on Rooibos Chai from Savvy Teas & Herbs.  Don’t forget to enter to win a $35 gift certificate to Savvy Teas and Herbs for the products of your choice!  You can enter down below the Trim Healthy Tuesday Link Up Guidelines (just above the comments).  A winner will be chosen Monday, Aug. 26th, and announced in next week’s Trim Healthy Tuesday post.

Stacy, over at Stacy Makes Cents is also on a beverage kick this week with her triple berry smoothie….sounds yummy!

And now for LOTS more Trim & Healthy Inspiration…


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  1. Twila says

    I would like to enter the giveaway, but didn’t see where to do it. Is it just by commenting? I love Chai tea!

  2. Christina says

    I’s also love to enter your giveaway but don’t see where to do it. I would love to find some herbal teas that I actually like and would drink to replace some of my coffee and black sweet (stevia-sweetened) tea

  3. Rashel says

    I want to enter too :) I also have a question. You linked to a white chili recipe but it uses white corn. I thought corn was a no no on THM? Is white corn different? I copied the recipe but think I will substitute chana dal for the white corn. Thank you!

    • Cynthia says

      Yes, corn is one that you want to limit. When using it in a recipe you want to check how much corn it ends up being per serving to determine if it is alright. This recipe (using 8 servings) would have about 3Tbsp corn per serving which is about 5g carb if I figured it correctly. Substituting chana dal is definitely an option.

  4. Carina Thursby says

    I don’t see a link to the giveaway, so I hope commenting counts! 😉 I am an avid tea drinker, but find I can’t drink black tea in the evenings like I used to and still get a good night’s sleep. Would love to try out the rooibos!

  5. JoshnKelly says

    Gwen, what are your thoughts for Rooibos for “The Shrinker”? I can’t do caffeine either. Is it the Oolong that has the benefits in the Shrinker? Would a decaf Oolong be just as effective? Thanks for your input! I appreciate it! This post looks so yummy!!!

    • Susancnw says

      I don’t do much caffeine at all. I have tried the ‘decaf’ it yourself. Pour boiling water over tea bags, let it sit for 30 sec, then pour out and use bags again. Seems to work okay for now, but I want to find decaf oolong. I think you can use it as an ‘additive’ to the oolong. I know some ladies brew chai along with the oolong for the flavor and spices.

  6. Jonni says

    Well, I am impressed with the benefits that are listed for the tea. So lets consider this my entry in the giveaway…Thank you for sharing this information…Jonni

  7. Susancnw says

    Roiboos is also referred to as ‘bush tea’ If anyone reads the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency novels (I HIGHLY recommend them) or have watched it on HBO (I get the dvds from our library), this is what they are drinking!

  8. Christi says

    Is a comment sufficient to enter the $35 gift certificate to Savvy Teas & Herbs giveaway, if so count me in! (I didn’t see a link.)

  9. Lis says

    I want to win! I love Savvy Teas! Just found your site through them. Love all your recipes I’ve looked at so far!

  10. Darcey Zahaykevich says

    Oh, I love Rooibos tea and I love chai. Gave chai tea up when I stopped all caffeine so this is great since I can tolerate Rooibos tea. Great Giveaway!

  11. Robin says

    I was so disappointed that I would not be able to do the shrinker due to the caffeine. This may just be the answer. Either way, the health benefits alone are exciting!

  12. Colleen says

    sounds yummy. I would love to try. I love my coffee too but would be nice to have some alternatives that are caffeine free

    • Colleen says

      I looked for a way to also share this on FB and could not find a link to FB on this post. Am I overlooking it?

  13. Michelle says

    I like herb teas, but I haven’t been drinking them since I started THM, because I like them with a lot of honey. I’ve never tried Rooibos Chai tea, but would love to. Maybe if I try a touch of cream or almond milk in my herb teas, I’ll like them with stevia. Hope I can find a way to like them again. Anyone have any ideas?

  14. Morgana says

    I just ordered my THM book – thanks to your blog! I’m so excited to start learning about this program. So, thank you for all that you share with us!!

  15. Happily Southern says

    Love chai teas! My brother actually started me on them when he got me a box of chai for Christmas one year and last year my dad got me a box of Rooibos chai. It really has an amazing flavor and it’s awesome in the Shrinker! :)

  16. Julieanne Miller says

    This post about tea is very timely, because my 15-year-old coffee lover was just diagnosed with small vessel disease in her toes, which means no coffee or caffeine for her anymore. We would love to win this! This kind of tea would meet her needs. :)

  17. Genesis Long says

    Can you share why you had to cut out caffeine? I never consumed caffeine until beginning THM a couple of months ago…now coffee is the biggest treat for me! I try not to have it everyday, but I’m wondering what concerns there would be now that I’ve fallen in love:) I also started drinking the Oolong tea in “The Shrinker”. From almost zero caffeine to having some everyday, should I worry?

      • Genesis Long says

        Would it be the cause of adrenal issues or is it just something that people with adrenal issues can’t handle? I guess I need to do some studying:) I have had hormone issues, but nothing that interferes with keeping my weight stable.

        • Cynthia says

          I don’t know on that. What I gather so far is that those with adrenal issues already do poorly with it. But when the system is balanced, it may not have that negative effect.

  18. twinsplusfour says

    Please enter me into the drawing! Congratulations on your remarkable health and weight loss journey.
    Sarah T.

  19. Jess McCarthy says

    Oh, I am so addicted to tea! Thank you for all of the info on rooibos tea. I’ve been wondering what it was.

  20. Dacre says

    I would LOVE to win this great give-away! Savvy Teas & Herbs have many fabulous products! Best of luck to everyone!!

  21. Kathy T says

    I love tea and I have one son that drinks out of house and home when there is chai tea in the house so I NEED to win this :-)

  22. Kimberly in NC says

    I just got through straining some Immune Improve tincture I made with their herbal mix. Our middle son has been coughing and needs this tincture asap. I would love to win this to buy more herbs!

  23. Susanne says

    I love herbal teas and rooibos is one of my favorites as well. I make up my own chai blend but would love to try Savvy’s blend. Thank you for the giveaway!

  24. Tim says

    Had no idea about the benefits of roobios over regular teas! Will have to try as I do love the taste of chai. Please enter me :)

  25. Micah says

    I love Savvy Teas and Herbs and have ordered from them for a couple of years now. Their Pregnancy Prep tea has been a favorite. I would enjoy spending $35 there!

  26. Leesa Lue says

    I love Chai Tea and Nickole too. :) This is great that ya’ll are giving awesome incentives for people. To Stacy who doesn’t like tea, I am sure you would find one you like here. They have some that taste like coffee themselves. Amazing.

  27. Leesa Lue says

    Hey I wanted to let you know that I posted to Face book. I could not find the button on here so I just copied and pasted the link on my page. Thanks for this opportunity. I am gong to pin it now also.

  28. Amanda T says

    I found your blog via the Savvy Tea site and I am so glad I did! Can’t wait to look through your recipes! I would love the chance to win the gift certificate to Savvy Tea & Herbs. They have so many great products and I am now anxious to try Rooibos Chai tea. Thanks!

  29. Joyce says

    I’ve ordered from Savey Teas and Herbs, and received great products and great customer service. I like Chai Tea and will be trying out the Rooibos Chai Tea if I’m lucky enough to win the giveaway.

  30. Shannon S says

    We have ordered tea from here for almost two years now. Always excellent quality and very fresh. I dont order from anywhere else :)

  31. Constance Ruscigno Scheel says

    I have always loved rooibos tea, I drink it every day. I don’t drink any other tea since beginning rooibos. I even have my grand kids drinking it. Love it.

  32. Julie K says

    Dear Gwen, my beloved Rooibos Tea has found it’s way into your kitchen . I have lived on this tea for 25 years or so now. I love just the plain redbush but will have to find the Chai rooibos now too. I’m know to one of my pastors as the African queen. Julie Knight

  33. says

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    could elaborate a little bit further. Bless you!

  34. says

    I have literally been raised on Rooibos tea and I living proof of it’s health benefits.Glynis has turned me on to Yorkshire tea and I enjoy nothing more than sipping a hot cuppa tea even when it is hot outside. It actually tastes great chilled. Although, nothing can take the place of my Rooibos tea, hot; cold; with or without milk.Thanks TeaLady!