Spring Lamb Cupcakes

These would be darling Easter cupcakes, if you’re looking for something quick and cute for this weekend.  I designed these for my baby girl’s first birthday party, because she’s very partial to her ‘lovey lamb’.  These are easy and fun to make!  I made two dozen cupcakes (one dozen chocolate and one dozen butter cake), but you can use any cupcake recipe that you’d like.I decorated the chocolate cupcakes with green frosting and flowers.  They add a cute ‘field’ for the lambs to frolic in.  The
lamb cupcakes are frosted with white butter-cream frosting.   (I apologize for the bad picture quality.)

To decorate a dozen lamb cupcakes, you’ll need 6 large marshmallows, 72 mini marshmallows (you can use colors if you want!), and a small amount of chocolate icing in a piping bag with a small round tip.
(I just mixed cocoa powder in with a small amount of butter-cream to get chocolate frosting.)

Cut the large marshmallows in half, *almost* diagonally like this.  Don’t go exactly corner to corner, so you’ll have a bit of a ‘nose’ for your lamb.  Each half will become the head for a cute little lamby cupcake.

Cut 1 dozen mini-marshmallows on the diagonal (corner to corner)…these will be the ears!

Draw on the face with the chocolate frosting, making two eyes on each lamb head (closer to the fat end).  The smaller end will be the nose.  Draw on a small x, and curve the ends up into a smile.

Now use just a dab of butter-cream frosting on the top of the head to attach a pair of ears.


Press the lamb into the front of a cupcake, and then finish by adding mini marshmallows to make legs and a tail.

I even snipped the ends of the legs with kitchen shears to make them look like little hooves.

This was my baby’s smash cake…a small 6″ cake, with a lamb on top.

These little lambs make an adorable Easter Cupcake Centerpiece for the dessert table!

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