Stuff Kids Say on Haircut Day

Some of the funny stuff my kids say on haircut day…

(Mom) “If you are a good boy, you can have a sucker while I cut your hair, but you have to sit VERY still, and keep your mouth closed. And don’t chew on the sucker.”



“Mom, remember when I didn’t like you to cut my hair, because I was afraid you’d make me look stupid?”

“Hold REALLY still…she won’t cut yous forehead.”


“Mommy. Cut. Hair.”

“He looks like a GIRL!”

“HEY! He gets a sucker?”

“I need my hair cut too.”

“The clippers TICKLE!!!”


“Hey, you can barely see his head scab with that haircut!”

“Remember the time you gave me Tyler’s haircut, and it looked really bad on me?”

“Hurry up Mom! I’ve GOTTA get in the shower!”

halfway done.

“Remember the time you cut my ear with the clippers?”

“IT ITCHES!!! get-it-off!!! My neck and face…” (said with twitching and whining)

“Thanks, Mom. I look *great*.”

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