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Holiday Treats & SweetsMy favorite sugar free treats and sweets are my secret weapon to enjoying this beautiful season without feeling deprived.  This Trim Healthy Tuesday, I’ve collected photos of my current favorite treat recipes for the holidays, like this almond butter buckeyes recipe!sugar-free-buckeye-recipeThis time last year, I was busily making candy with pounds and pounds of butter, sugar, and my special ingredient….love.  This year, I’ll once again be dipping chocolates, unwrapping sticks of butter, and whipping up some sweet treats full of love.  But there are two major changes: I won’t be using sugar in my treats this year, and I weight about 50 pounds less than I did this time last year.

I also will not feel in the least bit deprived, because I love how I feel when I’m not tanked up on loads of sugar.  I absolutely love the treats that I’ve been able to make with Trim Healthy Mama friendly ingredients!

fudge recipe with coconut oil

This buttery fudge is a favorite here.  Prior to THM, I used to use honey to sweeten it, but you may make it sugar free really easily by subbing 1/4 cup of blended truvia or erythritol + stevia extract to get it to the sweetness you want.  It’s SUPER easy, and there are tons of variations on the basic recipe.  I *love* adding cacao nibs to the recipe for the crispy-crunch texture. (Think a sugar free superfood version of a Nestle crunch.)

Starting out with Trim Healthy Mama, it was really important to me to find new ways to enjoy food that didn’t undermine my health.  I just really love to cook and eat, and I have always ALWAYS known that diets that ‘deprive’ me of the joy of food would never really work long term.  After all, we’re hard wired to enjoy food.  It’s beautiful and pleasurable.  It’s fuel, but it’s not ‘just’ fuel.  I connect with people over food…I emote over it.  I need it to be good.


I knew that the key for me to really enjoy Trim Healthy Mama style eating as a lifestyle was to re-discover NEW ways of enjoying and making special foods.  Things like our traditional Saturday pancake brunch, Friday night pizza & ice cream, and the candy making and holiday drinks that we love during this time of year didn’t need to disappear, but they did need a MAJOR make over.

The drive through seasonal shakes were a major downfall for me last year, but no more!  I’ve THM’ed my favorites, including this Mint Chocolate Chip milkshake that tastes like my favorite peppermint chip ice cream!


We can put *AWAY* some egg nog in this house.  But now that we’ve discovered this sugar free egg nog recipe, the high fructose stuff no longer even whispers my name at the grocery store.  With sugar free treats this good and this easy, I won’t miss the sugar.

I’m SO looking forward to trying some brand new sugar free treat recipes this year! I’m still learning my way around the low carb ‘flours’ and this old hen felt like a newly hatched chick for a while trying to learn a whole new way of cooking.  But I’m here to tell you that you CAN find delicious ways of enjoying lower carb sweets & treats that support your health.

Be sure to check out even MORE sugar free trim healthy holiday treats below.

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  1. says

    Gwen, Thank you so much for your blog! I really did love this post. Holidays are so hard to stay on track with all the temptations and wanting to have a traditional Christmas. Thank you again! I had a whoops when I posted my recipes. I totally forgot to indicate that my spinach and artichoke dip can be FP or S depending on the cream cheese used. The Chicken salad recipe is Fuel Pull as well.
    Ugh. I’m sorry I forgot. I’m very sleep deprived these days!

    • Its_Gwen says

      Angela, thank you for sharing your recipes! I’ve just GOTTA have a good spinach artichoke dip this time of year! :)

  2. Joyfulmomof6 says

    I always look so forward to Trim Healthy Tuesdays on your blog. You never disappoint! Blessings from one THM to another!

  3. Patty says

    Oh Gwen – you are definitely an angel! I made your Chocolate Chip Mint Smoothie this am to “eat” after my water aerobics class. I am enjoying the last of it right now and I am in heaven! It absolutely is delicious. I couldn’t decide today between the Egg Nog Smoothie or this one. I guess tomorrow the Egg Nog one will be on the menu. I didn’t have dark chocolate, so I used a tsp of cacao nibs and just stirred them in after all the blending was done. Thank you so much for all your recipes and the helpful tools for getting started and sticking with the THM plan and especially for the THM Tuesdays!! I love Tuesdays on your blog! Get so many great recipes and ideas to make it easy to stay on track. You ROCK!!!

    • Its_Gwen says

      Thank you, Patty! I just love the crunch of cacao nibs…they have such a neat texture. The flavor is too bitter for me to enjoy them just as a snack, but I adore them in my coconut oil fudge and I’ll have to try them in my shake!

  4. says

    Hi, I have been looking for a long time for a brown sugar substitute. Thank you for creating yours. I intend to try it using Splenda. My husband is prediabetic so we do not eat sugar…we use Splenda for almost everything. We used to use Brown Sugar Twin but that is no longer available. We also use Spelt flour in a lot of our recipes. It is a whole grain. Thank you again. Karen McCann