Tulsi Lavender Tea

tulsi lavender tea (9 of 12)

Tulsi lavender tea is my very, very favorite relaxation tea. In the whole wide world. This past year, and specifically the past 3 months have been THE most stressful that I think I’ve ever had. I’ve been healing from adrenal fatigue with the help of my holistic doctor, and thankfully have been so pleasantly surprised at…

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Adrenal Fatigue: the truth you haven’t heard

Adrenal Fatigue truth

Adrenal Fatigue- is there more to it than what you’ve been hearing? Is it even a *real* thing? This is such a personal topic for me, and one I’ve been interested in for several years. I’ve seen LOTS of discussion on adrenal fatigue online, and spent hours researching, reading the latest books, etc. But for all…

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More Than Writers Block


I’ve been playing hooky from my blog. All. Summer. Long. I’d love to say that I had writer’s block. But that’s not true. I’ve actually been writing, and have started several posts. The truth is, I was emotionally and glandularly worn out. My adrenals were not coping well with everyday life. Which is a mix…

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