THM Weight Loss Before & After: One Year

weight loss photos Trim Healthy Mama

  This THM weight loss before & after is probably the last one I’ll need to post, but I’m SO excited to post it.  Last year this time, I was *just* getting my feet wet with the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan, and I remember on the brand new Facebook group, a lady asked, “Is…

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New Year, New Me


Several of my readers have asked me for a health update after the series I did on my health journey, and since tomorrow marks my one year Trim-aversiary (when I started Trim Healthy Mama), I though this would be the PERFECT time to talk about how much my life has changed this year! Where I…

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Weight Loss Before & After Photos: 6 Months of THM Update


I remembered to take these weight loss before and after photos on July 3rd…this marks 6 full months since starting the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating.  Let’s talk about some of the biggest changes for me on THM: my size, getting started, my health, and losing the cravings!  And I have a few goals…

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Goal Weight Day- with Trim Healthy Mama


This morning my scale landed on the magic number…my goal weight!  Celebrate with me! The first thing you should know is that the November photo above is the *retouched* one that went on our cards this year.  That just wasn’t good enough for me…I asked the photographer for the raw files, and here they are…in…

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Weight Loss Before and After Photos III


  Sorry my weight loss before and after photos are so late going up this month…March was pretty crazy around here, and that spilled over into April as well.  It was one of those, “Was I life swapped???  And can I PLEASE have my old life back?” months.   So, I can either risk sounding…

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Weight Loss Before and After Month II

Before and after weight loss THM

This is weight loss before and afters for completing month 2 of eating Trim Healthy Mama style.  I was somehow under the impression that the scarf helped hid my chubbiness.  Notsomuch. I took you guys advice at wearing the same outfit this time around…thanks for that!  I’m not really adept at these things.  You’ll notice…

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Weight Loss Before and After

before and after weight loss THM

I promised some ugly weight loss before and after photos.  I’m here today to deliver.  This is humbling. If you’ve followed along on my high blood calcium health journey posts, I mentioned that weight gain was one of my symptoms.  And it’s one of the issues that boron and supplements had not touched. Before and…

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