An Odd Bird

baby bluebirds

P1100402 The kids and I were amused by the newest resident of our little birdhouse. Usually, bluebirds, or the occasional chickadee couple will stop by to househunt on our back deck. But recently, this little guy has taken up residence, and comes out frequently to sun himself.

More Bluebird Pictures


First, I’d like to introduce you to the lovely couple. Mr. Bluebird, whom you’ve seen before, is the showy dresser in the family.  He’s very loyal and the defender of the turf.  Mr. Bluebird does his share in taking care of his family, bringing food to his wife and babies. Mrs. Bluebird is more subtle in…

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Bluebird Nest Report


There has been lots of activity this week in and around our little birdhouse.  After the display of frisky behavior the other day, I strongly suspected that Mother was getting ready to lay her eggs. Sure enough, when I checked on Tuesday, there were three little eggs in the nest!  I peeked in on Wednesday,…

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Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees…


Our bluebird couple are busy preparing their nest for the year.  Yesterday, I watched Mother Bluebird carrying straw back to the nest all day long. This morning at breakfast, my oldest girl filled us in on some drama she had witnessed.  Apparently, Mother and Daddy Bluebird were “fighting.”  He was screaming at her, and started…

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  For the past 3 years, a pair of bluebirds has nested in a birdhouse on our back porch.  It’s been such a delight to watch them nest, care for one another, and raise their babies.  It’s been a wonderful learning experience for all of us, and has prompted some interesting conversations with our kids….

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