Trim Healthy Mama Book Review

This Trim Healthy Mama book review is *comprehensive*- THM foods, before and afters, and covers pretty much everything you want to know!

Looking for the Trim Healthy Mama Plan or Cookbook Review? Click here for the new THM Plan Book review and here for the THM Cookbook review.  This post covers the original Trim Healthy Mama book…a combined plan and cookbook all rolled into one. But it’s also very useful in learning the basics and seeing the…

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Book Review: The Edge Effect


To say that The Edge Effect by Dr. Eric Braverman was an eye opening read would be an understatement. For me, this book caused a paradigm shift in the way I understand illness, aging, paranoia, ADD, memory and focus issues, hormone imbalance, and a whole host of other health problems that I just couldn’t seem…

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