Crocheted Flower Afghan

crocheted flower afghan 3

When I say crocheted flower afghan, do you automatically think of ‘granny square’ throws from the 70’s?  Me too!  But this is NOT your average crocheted flower afghan!  Nosiree…this is fun, whimsical, and my Mama made it for me.  Which makes it the greatest afghan, like, EVER!!! I’m learning to crochet, and I think this…

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I Crocheted A Viking Hat

crocheted viking hat

I crocheted a Viking Hat …for a real Viking. He’s brave, daring, and makes frequent raids of destruction.  He *needed* this hat. But apparently, Vikings are not necessarily fond of crochetedhead-gear.   This little factoid was not mentioned in my How to Raise a Viking Manual.  My bad. And if you force a Viking to wear…

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