Pretzel Dogs & Pig in a Blanket Recipes


When I first started making the No-Knead-Refrigerator-Dough-easy bread recipe, I thought it was pretty spectacular. It’s the recipe that I’ve gotten the most positive feedback about so far, so I think you guys are liking it too.  The more I experiment with it, the more I realize that I really underestimated how life changing this…

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The Best Meatloaf Recipe Ever

This is the Chuck Norris of meatloaf recipes.  Don't even try to mess with it.  It is the best.

This IS the best meatloaf recipe ever…according to my son. “The kids in my class were CRAZY…they didn’t LIKE meatloaf!  I couldn’t believe it.  I guess it’s just because they had cafeteria meatloaf.” I’m generally not a fan of tooting-my-own-horn, but the other suggestion for a title was ‘meat muffins’…and that just didn’t sound appetizing….

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Fajita Recipe

fajita-recipe (7)

Mmmm…can you hear the lime fajita recipe sizzling? I crave good, savory food this time of year, and this is such a simple, quick dinner with loads of flavor.   It’s a nice change from sugar cookies and cheeseballs.   And it’s *fast*…as in ‘set the table before you start heating the pan’ fast. And delicious.  It’s…

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Garlic Chicken Recipe

garlic chicken is totally easy, fast, and so savory delicious. This is one of our family favorite recipes.

Of all the garlic chicken recipes out there, this is my favorite. But you should know three things. First, I confess that I have never, ever have used anywhere close to 40 cloves in this dish, and it always turns out fantastic. Second, this is awesome…if you have never tasted roasted garlic, then you’re majorly missing…

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Soda Pop Recipe

homemade soda

Here’s a yummy soda pop recipe for times when you want a treat!  I prefer to avoid high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors, but we still like special drinks.  This is what I made for the kids when they were participating in Mama’s work camp a few days ago… It couldn’t be easier!  You’ll…

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Granola Bar Recipe


This is the granola bar recipe of my dreams. I’d been on the hunt for a way to make my own granola bars for a couple of years now.  I kept finding recipes that required lots of ingredients, and too many steps.  Like “Make a double batch of granola, and then use it to make…

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Ice Cream Cake Recipe

easy ice cream cake recipe

My oldest boy requested this ice cream cake recipe for his birthday dinner.  It is the same ice cream cake that I made for him last year. But that’s not surprising, since this is the same kid that wanted to be a firefighter every year for dress up day at school for four years in a…

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