Mini Kitchen Pantry Makeover


I wanted to share my mini kitchen pantry makeover with all of you, because I just can’t contain my excitement.  Above, you can see a little diagram of my mini-kitchen.  It’s homey and cozy and the size of a postage stamp.  Which means that storage is a problem.  And see that pot rack that hangs…

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Sweet Iced Tea-Sugar Free


Can REAL Sweet Iced Tea be sugar free?  This southern girl is here to tell you YES it can!  I’m an artificial sweetener despiser, but I promise that a good brand of stevia is all it takes to take your sweet tea from flab to fab.  I’ve read many a story of a true southern…

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Concentrated Cream of Mushroom Soup Cubes

homemade cream of soup recipe

My kitchen tip for today is creating flavor cubes that allow me to very quickly whip up recipes that use cream of mushroom soup.  Not only is is WAY less expensive than using canned soups, but it’s a big space saver as well.  Twelve “soup starter cubes” take up very little space in the freezer!…

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Cleaning Burnt On Food


I found this little kitchen tip ‘jewel’ on Pinterest today: Apartment Therapy’s post on How to Clean Burnt Pans With Vinegar and Baking Soda.I was so excited to try this!  Providentially, while I was pinning this tip, my son was upstairs burning the grits.  Breakfast was saved by the ‘burnt beans’ kitchen tip.  But the…

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