Freezing Bacon


Bacon is one of those foods that I just can’t imagine living without.  Whether your preference is for thick cut, pepper crusted, turkey, beef, or pork; bacon=love.  It is so versatile…I use it on everything from pizza to soup to our standard Saturday morning brrunch-a-thon.The kind I usually buy comes in large, 3 lb. packages. …

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Cooking Disasters: Salvaging Burnt Beans

salvage burned beans

Just so you know…these are NOT black beans. Ahhh, the smell of burnt on beans that permeates my whole house.  So, so stinky.  I’m the worlds worst at getting sidetracked and letting the water cook out of beans.  Bad, naughty housefrau. After all that soaking time, and tender loving care I put into my beans, I…

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Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

homemade cream of soup recipe

This is a great cream of mushroom soup recipe!  I’ve been looking for a healthy, quick and easy replacement for canned mushroom soup concentrate that I could sub in some of our family favorite recipes. I scanned several homemade techniques, including canned, and even attempts at freezing (which is my preference) but there are several issues…

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