Greek Burger Recipe

Greek Burger Recipe (7)

I crave this Greek Burger recipe as the weather begins to warm…the grill is calling my name!  And I know JUST what to put on it.  This is my variation on this Greek Burger recipe. (opens in a new window)  The layers of flavor are just amazing…this is currently my favorite burger.  I also love…

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Garlic Chicken Recipe

garlic chicken is totally easy, fast, and so savory delicious. This is one of our family favorite recipes.

Of all the garlic chicken recipes out there, this is my favorite. But you should know three things. First, I confess that I have never, ever have used anywhere close to 40 cloves in this dish, and it always turns out fantastic. Second, this is awesome…if you have never tasted roasted garlic, then you’re majorly missing…

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Baked Potato Pizza Recipe


This baked potato pizza recipe will be on my dinner table on Friday night. I was in a pepperoni rut, and need a change.  This is a really yummy and different ‘specialty’ pie, that is our favorite at an awsome local pizza place. You won’t believe how easy it is to toss together this recipe! …

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Homemade Pizza Recipe [E]


This homemade pizza recipe is very, very dangerous.  It’s so easy, and so delicious, that I’m temped to make it WAY too often.  And it’s *so* easy.  Even my two year old thinks it’s great fun to make pizza! We have this at least once a week, on our Friday Family Night.  Fridays are the…

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Bacon Cheeseburger Rice


Feast your eyes on this super easy ground beef recipe…it’s a new family favorite recipe! This, my friends, is bacon cheeseburger rice.  It’s goo-ood.  And easy.  Thanks to my friend W.R. for a new favorite main dish!Here’s what you need: One pound of ground beef, browned with a chopped onion.  Ketchup, yellow mustard and BB-Q…

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Hamburger Stroganoff Recipe

hamburger-stroganoff-recipe (12)

Today we’re making my Mom’s Hamburger Beef Stroganoff recipe.  It’s a dish from my childhood that is one of the first meals that I learned to cook. It encompasses everything I require of a family favorite recipe: really, really tasty and really, really easy.  It uses ingredients I normally have in my pantry as well. You can either serve beef stroganoff…

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