Get Organized Perfectly: Seasonal Clothes

Tips for organizing clothes

My best 12 tips to get organized perfectly! Seasonal clothes for my four kids used to be a nightmare, but now I’ve got it (mostly) under control!  I’ve worked out a great system for nailing great deals, storing out of season clothing, and making the big swap pretty painless for my four kids. Even though our family is what…

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Mini Kitchen Pantry Makeover


I wanted to share my mini kitchen pantry makeover with all of you, because I just can’t contain my excitement.  Above, you can see a little diagram of my mini-kitchen.  It’s homey and cozy and the size of a postage stamp.  Which means that storage is a problem.  And see that pot rack that hangs…

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Custom Catan Game Piece Bags

custom settlers of catan bags

These custom Settlers of Catan game piece bags were fun to make, and would be a great homemade gift for Dad!  We ‘discovered’ Settlers Of Catan a couple years ago, and REALLY enjoyed learning the game and playing together.  It’s a strategy game with enough chance in it that your strategy skills don’t matter that much. …

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Lego Storage

lego solution

Lego storage has become one of our principal housekeeping issues.  It impedes vacuuming, a positive mother-son relationship, and the health of my feet. Friends, I think I may have found a solution. If your feet bear permanent scars from stepping on lego bricks… If you’ve ever spent hours sorting and organizing legos, only to discover…

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