An Odd Bird

baby bluebirds

P1100402 The kids and I were amused by the newest resident of our little birdhouse. Usually, bluebirds, or the occasional chickadee couple will stop by to househunt on our back deck. But recently, this little guy has taken up residence, and comes out frequently to sun himself.

Betta Mama: Meet Lizzy

betta-female (2)

Meet the Mama Betta: Miss Lizzy.  Here she is enjoying her new habitat, just after giving birth to 30 some offspring.  She bounced back quickly!  Mr Darcy took a nip at her tail in their courtship, and she’s still on the mend.  So far, Mr. Darcy and Mrs. Elizabeth have remained apart after the initial…

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Betta Babies I

baby-bettas (2)

there was a baby here just a second ago! To pick up where I left off from the last betta fishpost:  Daddy Betta, aka Mr. Darcy, was vigilantly watching over his little bubble nest and eggs.  He was pretty bored, because watching eggs isn’t that stimulating.  But he was keeping his eye out for the…

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Beautiful Breeding Bettas

breeding-bettas (3)

On a whim, we bought a pair of Betta fish at the pet store two weeks ago.  This would be a Thursday afternoon, and buying pets on a whim is something that I am opposed to philisophically, spiritually, and logically.  I think I either had a mental breakdown in Petsmart, which is a strong possibility,…

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