Digestive Bitters Recipes Part 3

Digestive Bitter Recipes

We’re talking digestive bitters recipes today, in part III of this series. In Part I, we talk about why you may really want to look at digestive bitters if you are needing to use probiotics, enzymes, or if you have weak or compromised digestions. In Part II, I shared some awesome resources to learn more…

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Postpartum Care Herbal Sitz Bath

postpartum care herbal sitz bath (4 of 9)

Postpartum care in the form of an herbal sitz bath-this bath tea is so soothing, smells lovely, and is very useful in recovering from birth.  I recently discovered first hand that herbs are a wonderful addition to post-pregnancy care.  This is the first time I’d tried herbal remedies after a birth, and my nurses and I were…

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