Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

tzatziki recipe

So, you need a tzatziki sauce recipe to go with your Greek burger, which is already sizzling away to perfection on the grill.  I’ve got you covered! My version of traditional Tzatziki sauce is based on this recipe.  Which is supposedly the best, and most authentic recipe from a real Greek Grandma.  Sold! I’m just…

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Banana Pudding Recipe

banana-pudding-recipe (14)

Banana Pudding is one of the quintessential desserts in the Southeast.  It’s a requirement for potluck suppers, and summer holiday meals.  If you’ve never tried it, it should go on your dessert bucket list.  Unlike trifles, banana pudding is at home hot or cold, and ranks in the top comfort foods for most Southerners.  It…

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Dill Pickle Coleslaw Recipe


I don’t love coleslaw, but this dill pickle coleslaw recipe is *GOOD*.  My kids even like it!  It’s tart and twangy and pickle-ish.  It’s the perfect side dish for summer eatin’…brilliant with BBQ, delicious on chili dogs, and yummy on fish tacos.This is what you’ll need to make it: Cabbage (or pre-cut coleslaw mix), onion,…

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6 Week Summer Menu

easy summer menus

Menu planning was a love hate relationship for me.  I needed a menu.  I *wanted* a menu.  Especially when it came to making a grocery list…I saved way more if I knew exactly what to buy.  And I loved knowing exactly what was for dinner that night.  Or, if plans changed, I would just switch…

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Chocolate Covered Banana Recipe


Chocolate covered bananas were spotted in the freezer section recently, and wheels began to turn.  My boy just *had* to make some.  So in honor of spring break, warm weather, and all things that are right and good with the world, we made up our very own, and very healthy…and yummy…Chocolate Covered Banana recipe.  I…

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White Gazpacho Recipe

cold cucumber soup recipe

It is so stinkin’ hot here.  This White Gazpacho recipe is the only thing that sounded edible for lunch, so I whipped up a batch, and basked in the creamy, chilled cucumber goodness.  I am not usually a fan of cold soups…tomato based gazpacho soups somehow feel like eating blended salsa to me.  Without the…

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Dill Pickle Recipe


I just love this dill pickle recipe given to me by my friend Jill.  I like to call them Jill Pickles.This is the first time I had ever made pickles, and the beautiful thing about these little dillies is that… 1) it’s a really easy pickle recipe. 2) You can make one jar if you…

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Strawberry Jam Recipe

strawberry freezer jam recipe

This strawberry jam recipe is seriously delicious and way, way too easy.  No one but us needs to know how easy this is, OK? The local strawberry picking places are open now, and the berries are delicious!  But fresh strawberries spoil quickly, and we always pick way more than we can eat in one day. This is a…

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