Orange Peach Sugar Free Syrup

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I promised this orange peach syrup recipe a (mumble) weeks ago, and today, I deliver.
Peach & orange have been a favorite flavor combination since I was in middle school, and my Mom made some fuzzy navel Nada-ritas one weekend. The tartness of oranges PERFECTLY compliments the tangy sweet notes of peaches.

Stevia Syrup Recipe

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I’m SO super excited to share this stevia syrup recipe with you! If you’ve missed my other posts about Trim Healthy Mama…my MOST FAVORITEST food book EVER…head over here and check out my Trim Healthy Mama book review. So, my kitchen, my diet, and my body have had a fantabulous makeover, and I’m just not going…

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Luscious Lemon Yogurt Recipe

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This luscious lemon yogurt recipe is actually the invention of my son.  We both LOVE lemon desserts, but who needs a dessert when you can quickly mix up this Luscious Lemon Yogurt!  Even if you’re not a big fan of yogurt, you’ll be amazed at the way the zing of the lemon dances with the…

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Sugar Free Berry Syrup Recipe

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This sugar free syrup recipe is a weekly staple in my kitchen.  This completely guilt-free sweet, tangy, berry goodness tops my Greek yogurt snacks; my pancakes; my lovely muffin creations from the recipes in  Trim Healthy Mama (book review here).   And it does not stick to the muffin tops, if you get my drift….

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