Trim Healthy Mama Stevia Review


The Trim Healthy Mama Stevia & sweeteners were released today in their online store, (Amazon affiliate link) and there have been SO many questions about them that I thought I’d put together a review. I was given a one ounce bag of their organic Pure Stevia Extract, and a one pound bag of their Sweet…

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New Year, New Me


Several of my readers have asked me for a health update after the series I did on my health journey, and since tomorrow marks my one year Trim-aversiary (when I started Trim Healthy Mama), I though this would be the PERFECT time to talk about how much my life has changed this year! Where I…

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Stevia: Good or Bad?


Stevia: good or bad?  It’s a burning question that several health bloggers have tackled lately.  So this Trim Healthy Tuesday, I thought I’d jump in and warn my readers of the DANGERS of stevia.  Because really…that’s what these types of posts are all about, right? I realize that I’ve been remiss in taking advantage of…

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Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Guide

This free Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Guide has been called the "Mac Daddy" of resources for starting THM.

*UPDATED 6/16/15* The Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Guide that I shared at the bottom of the Book Review was in serious need of an update. And a makeover. I present to you the all NEW handy printable Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Guide!  It’s the same short & sweet guide at heart, but now…

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THM Tip: Stevia To GO!

trim-healthy-mama-tips (1)

Today, on Trim Healthy Tuesday, I’m sharing a favorite THM tip…this is my purse sized stevia container that travels with me everywhere.  Where did I find it? The Dollar Tree!  It was in a 4 pack, and was filled with… GLITTER!!!  But I saw the potential!  So I bought a pack of the glitter shakers,…

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