Homemade Fruit Bottom Yogurt Recipe

Fruit on bottom yogurt recipe

My homemade fruit bottom yogurt recipe brings back some delicious memories. My parents were into super healthy eating when I was a little kid, and we didn’t get much in the way of sugary treats, but we were allowed to choose our own flavor of yogurt. As a child, one of my very favorite treats was Dannon’s Boysenberry yogurt. I loved digging down past the smooth white yogurt into the hidden pool of black, sweet berries and stirring until the whole container was a beautiful shade of purple.

Now, I make my own…

Goodbye & Hello Again


P1100615For the past 16 months, I’ve been involved heavily in the creation and maintenance of the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook community. My work there as a volunteer was very fulfilling and fun, but as the community grew, and as I took on other projects, I found myself over extended and having to lay down things that I really enjoyed, like blogging, writing, eating, and washing my hair.  I began neglecting my home and family.


I’ve carefully and prayerfully considered my options for over a month, but I came to the final realization this past Friday that I needed to seriously reprioritize my time and my life.  Starting now.

Trim Healthy Mama Stevia Review



The Trim Healthy Mama Stevia & sweeteners were released today, and there have been SO many questions about them that I thought I’d put together a review. I was given a one ounce bag of their organic Pure Stevia Extract, and a one pound bag of their Sweet Blend for my birthday this year, and have really enjoyed playing with them in my kitchen. (Dear FTC: this is not a paid endorsement…just something that I asked to do for others who have questions about the new sweeteners.)

Sugar Free Brownie Pops


Sugar free brownie pops are super easy and a fun way to share or savor a bite of chocolatey decadence.  This is basically the sugar free brownie bite recipe

Sugar Free Coconut Caramel Crunch


This sugar free Coconut Caramel Crunch is the featured topping from last week’s Samoas Milkshake recipe. In case you enjoy that one as much as I do, this bulk mix recipe will get you set to enjoy LOTS of Samoas milkshakes and save you lots of time.

Low Carb Caramel "Samoas" Milkshake


Samoas-ShakeOn the menu: this low carb Samoas Milkshake recipe. My brilliant friend Jennifer sent me a message yesterday saying, “I’m dying! I have passed up more tables with Girl Scout Cookies screaming my name! Samoas area favorite. I used your Thin Mint Shake recipe (my other favorite Girl Scout cookie) and tweaked it to create a Somoa Shake!”

THM Weight Loss Before & After: One Year

weight loss photos Trim Healthy Mama

One Year Update

This weight loss before & after is probably the last one I’ll need to post, but I’m SO excited to post it. Last year this time, I was *just* getting my feet wet with the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan, and I remember on the brand new Facebook group, a lady asked, “Is there anyone here who has actually been on this diet for a year or more and sustained weight loss?”

(Do you detect a tone? I thought I detected a tone.)