Whooping Cough part 3: Natural Remedies for Prevention and Treatment


This is the Whooping Cough post that I’m the most excited to share!!!  I mean, I’m not giddy about having such a long and nasty bug this year, but it’s such a great feeling to treat your family at home with herbs and foods that you feel good about giving them, and watch them get…

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Whooping Cough part 2: Symptoms, Dangers, & Conventional Treatments


Our whooping cough symptoms and recovery this fall has prompted me to get the word out.  Though I’m not a fan of scare tactic health care, I want everyone to be aware of how contagious, and potentially devastating this disease is to those who may be immune compromised, and especially to very tiny babies.  It’s…

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Whooping Cough, Part I

all about whooping cough

Whooping cough was the last thing on my mind as we packed for a late summer vacation at the beach.  But on the second day there, our baby’s cough got considerably worse…we realized that we had an insidious guest.  The pertussis bacteria had traveled with us on vacation. The really scary thing is, my babe…

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