A 1 and a 2 and a 1,2,3…

My sister has been there for me throughout every pregnancy.  In fact, she has been gracious enough to get pregnant just prior to me *every single time* with our first three children,.  Which gives me the opportunity to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for bearing  and delivering a child.

Which is SUPER sweet of her, since nothing psyches me up for delivering a baby like being in my last trimester and attending the birth of a niece or nephew.   And she’s WAY more scared of needles and hospital stuff than I am.

This is just after the birth of my youngest daughter.  My sister and I have a solemn pact to be in the delivery room with each other to capture the birth on film.  Which is subject, of course, to the solemn pact to not photograph or record any part of one anothers baboon anatomy during said event.

It’s a fine line, and we are there for each other.

Anyhoo…I had my fourth and final baby on February 25th of this year, and my sister really let me down.  She made me go it alone this time around, and had the nerve to not get pregnant first…or at all.

Sure, she was totally there for me.

And by “there for me”, I mean she spoiled me rotten.  She watched my three kids (+ her 3 = 6 kids!!!) so that I could go to all of my doctors appointments.  She packed a bag and headed off to the hospital with me at midnight the night I went into labor.  She stayed with my man, my Mom and I until the baby was born the next morning.  She took discreet/modest and yet amazing video of my son’s entrance into the world.  She made me meals, kept my kids all day for a week and a half, AND hosted my Dad at her house for a month and a day.

But she wasn’t pregnant with me this time.  Which stunk.

Then, last week, I stopped by her house to help her with a project, and she sprung the news.  They’re expecting! 

Not only that, but according to her dates, she WAS pregnant with me for a few days.  Or maybe a couple weeks.

But I’m totally counting it!

Update: My little nephew came into the world one week shy of 9 months after my last one was born.  They are big buddies!

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