Thrift Find…Crazy Keepsake!

crazy quiltI landed a thrift find yesterday that makes my heart sing!  I’ll give you a hint…it will look great on me this winter.  It matches everything I own, and in fact, it will also fit the rest of my family members as well!  It’s hand stitched, and I’ve wanted one like this ever since I learned that they existed!  Did you guess?

It’s a crazy quilt!

Of *course* my crazy family *NEEDS* a crazy quilt!

The first time I fell in love with them was when my Aunt told me the story of my Grandad’s favorite crazy quilt.  He always wrapped up in it if he was sick, or napping.  He’d had the quilt his whole life.  His aunts had worked on the quilt while his Mama was carrying him, and had finished it waiting for him to be born.  Of course, the quilt was one of the very special items after Grandaddy passed away, and my aunt treasures it as a memory of him.

I just loved the sentiment and variety of fabrics that crazy quilts represent.

This quilt is made from what looks like silky acetate fabrics…the kind that is often used to line men’s jackets and winter coats.

Here is a peek at the beautiful cotton backing…stripes with big bouquets of rambling roses.

It’s not the most luxurious or fancy crazy quilt I’ve seen, but I’m
really happy that it’s something that we can all use and enjoy.  And it
reminds me of my Grandaddy.

I can’t wait to curl up under it and read!


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