Travel & Jet Lag Remedies

This little natural remedy and herb shop was borne of my desire to find more natural products for my family...and my love of Amazon's free shipping! You'll find my favorite shampoo, laundry soap, vitamins, bulk herbs, and remedies all right here.

Traveling and jet lag present their own unique difficulties. Here, I’ve collected specific natural remedies to some of the challenges presented when traveling. Motion sickness has long been a problem for me and my son, and the homeopathic blend I share below has saved us on curvy mountain roads many a time.

The Jet Lag remedies have very high reviews, and include child friendly homeopathic blends as well as powerful amino acid blends to help calm or rev up the body to get the internal clock on track. I’ve also included items that I find useful on car trips or for international travel, including pill cases, a first aid kit, and a variety of natural remedies that I like to have on hand for traveling.

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