Tree Sap Stains

sap stains imgTree sap stains are no joke! But it’s really easy to remove tree sap from clothing and hair with something you probably already have in your house.

My History With Tree Sap Stains

When we moved into our home, there was a beautiful white pine tree that was planted by the owners years ago…it had been their Christmas tree. It was my kids *favorite* thing to go climb all the way up into the top branches. But when they’d climb down their hair and clothing would have nasty tree sap stains. I’m talking all over my kids.

I quickly lost my love for that tree, and I was not sad when it was blown over in a storm a few years later. In the years of my kids getting covered in sap, I’d tried shampoo, oil, soap, hairspray, even WD-40…anything I could think of to get the sap out, but it’s very stubborn stuff. I got PLENTY of practice in trying to treat and remove tree sap stains, and I was thrilled to discovered this awesome remedy!

Tree Sap Stain Remover!

sap stains in hairSee that cowlick? It’s sap. Stick-icky-bark-stuck-in-it sap. Gross! But sap hair is just a minor inconvenience now that I’ve discovered this easy trick: rubbing alcohol removes tree sap stains!

I found this nifty spray bottle of alcohol at Kroger in their pharmacy section, and I keep it by my washing machine to treat the sap issues. Today the sap issue happens to be on my kids head. sap stain removal

This is all I have to do: dab or spritz the alcohol into the tree sap stains and wipe (or scrub) until the sap is gone. The alcohol dissolves it very easily. Voila!


Then I just shampoo or wash as normal to get the alcohol residue out. Easy-peasy!

Hope this makes your spring and summer a little easier. What’s the worst thing you’ve had to clean sap out of?

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