Weight Loss Before and After Month II

Before and after weight loss THM
This is weight loss before and afters for completing month 2 of eating Trim Healthy Mama style.  I was somehow under the impression that the scarf helped hid my chubbiness.  Notsomuch.

I took you guys advice at wearing the same outfit this time around…thanks for that!  I’m not really adept at these things.  You’ll notice that the lighting is different due to being shot at different times of the day.  I tried my best to get them lined up correctly so that they would be accurate.

My family and I are pretty floored by the changes here.  I’ll just mainly let the pictures do the talking.

THM weight loss 2 months

I’m pretty sure that the after shot was really more of what the clothing designer had in mind for the way this top was supposed to fit.  <gag at the belly button dimple in the first one!!!>

I don’t think these are the exact same jeans, but they’re the same size jeans I wore in my first shot.  They are now too baggy to wear without a belt.  I’ve got an athletic build on my lower half, so the junk is prolly gonna stay in the trunk for the most part.  HA!

before after weight loss 2 months

Oh, and I forgot to tell you my total loss: 23 pounds in 2 months!  That’s AMAZING for a girl who couldn’t stop gaining just a few months back!

Check out my first weight loss before and after if you missed it, and the Trim Healthy Mama book review is here.   It’s my most favoritest health book EVER at the moment!

I’ve never felt hungry after eating, and love, love, love Trim Healthy Mama as a long term lifestyle change for loss and maintenance.  I’m even able to apply my understanding of foods to help my scrawny 5 year old gain weight!

Disclaimer: the book is *not* about fast weight loss, and your speed of loss may vary from mine.  The husband of one of the authors loosely followed the principals and achieved and maintains a 50 pound weight loss over a 5 year period.  Which is so amazing!

Whaddayathink?  Are you gonna give it a shot?


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  1. says

    So encouraging Gwen!! I’ve been putting it off because we are so busy right now, I’m really hoping to get finished with the book by the end of March. Florida is coming fast and I’d rather not go to the beach like this. :)

  2. Dawn @ Guiding Light says

    Look at you go! Nice job! I just bought the book yesterday – should get it Wednesday. Praying as you continue this journey.

      • Its_Gwen says

        I used to have a very good metabolism (prior to my health crisis), which I think is partly due to the fact that I have genetically large muscle mass in my legs and lower half. I think that makes a difference in how *fast* you lose.

        How much sugar you were used to consuming is also a factor for how fast you’ll lose, as your body will burn through those stores, and dump the water weight rather quickly.

        THM is not for *fast* weight loss, but it just happened to work that way for me. The reasons above are my best guesses as to why.

    • Its_Gwen says

      Just from the food plan. I don’t love working out, and am really bad at buiding that time into my day. So my workouts have consisted of toting laundry up and down the stairs, and coralling my 3 year old Viking.

  3. Stephanie Ard says

    Good work, Gwen! The weight loss is great, but can I just say the differences I notice the most? Your EYES. Your SKIN. You look so much more alive. Radiant. The changes are worth it! Keep it up!

  4. Lauren says

    Hi Gwen! I’ve just come across your site today and I’m really getting serious about THM. I made a cheesy chicken bake last night for the FH and I and then this AM I made a German Chocolate Smoothy. I’m a Type 1 diabetic and I would like to lose 20 lbs before I get married in July. The most confusing part I’m trying to understand from the book is, eating every 3 hours – so breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack? Also – finding actual carb counts on anything is challenging – like the recipes don’t list the carbs – but I need that info – if its an “S” its 10 carbs or under right? I think that I need to stick with “s” meals.
    Thanks Gwen! I’m going to follow you!

    • says

      Hi Lauren,
      You just want to eat regularly and not go over 4 hours without a snack. That will look different for different schedules. :)

      The book wasn’t written to focus on numbers, but I totally get that you need to know specific carb counts for figuring insulin. There is a THM diabetics group on Facebook that may be able to help you with that as well as the question about E meals. I would encourage you not to just stick with S meals, but to find your happy place with low glycemic carb meals too. :)

  5. Gena Gommer says

    Thank you so much for all your information. Your encouraging words are what make me want to continue this journey. I’m a colon cancer survivor and I need to be healthy. I’m only in my first week but I’ve read the book. I still feel bloated and feel like I’m not losing. I’m afraid to get on the scale. I don’t want to be discouraged by a number. Suggestions? thanks, Gena

    • says

      Hi Gena,
      With your history of cancer, you probably want to get some specialized support…try the THM groups on Facebook if you’re not already there. :) If your digestion is impaired or tricky from your past issues, then you can still use the principles but sometimes certain foods are not a good fit for some people, so you may have to tweak it to fit for you if you’re continuing to experience inflammation. And inflammation is not fat gain…it’s water weight. But it’s still frustrating. <3

  6. says

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