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Magnesium Oil Recipe
Magnesium oil is a handy spray on version of magnesium supplement that's designed to be easily absorbed.
Recipe type: Remedies & Supplements
  • ½ cup magnesium chloride flakes or magnesium sulfate (epsom salts)
  • 1 cup distilled water (mineral free water)
  • 1 small spray bottle, optional but nice to have
  1. Warm water if desired, or simply mix in magnesium flakes or crystals.
  2. Stir until dissolved.
  3. Pour magnesium blend into a spray bottle. [b]To UseSpritz onto body and rub in. There is no need to rinse off. If stinging occurs with the magnesium chloride, try the magnesium sulfate instead. You can also use lotion or oil on the skin before or after for sensitive skin, as magnesium can be drying. Some sources recommend starting with about 100 mg, which would be approx 16 sprays of the mag chloride blend or 8 sprays of the mag sulfate. If you develop a negative reaction, discontinue use, or try the other form of magnesium salts. Some people tolerate one better than the other.
Recipe by Gwen's Nest at https://gwens-nest.com/magnesium-oil-recipe/