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Chilled Strawberry Soup Recipe
Prep time
Total time
This tart, chilled strawberry soup makes a lovely appetizer. But I won't tell if it somehow ends up in your glass. This is a THM S recipe.
Recipe type: Appetizers & Snacks
Serves: 5 cups
  • 1 lb. strawberries or 4 cups fresh or frozen whole berries, hulled
  • 1½ cups heavy cream *or* DF option- use coconut creamer
  • 1½ cups almond milk
  • ½ cup plain Greek style yogurt *or* DF option- sub coconut yogurt or full fat coconut cream
  • 1½ to 2 Tablespoons of Sweet Blend or Truvia or 6-8 packets of sweetener of your choice
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract, or hazelnut extract, *or* one drop of good quality orange essential oil, optional
  1. Place all ingredients in a blender & blend until smooth & creamy.
  2. Taste and adjust sweetness and flavors.
  3. Chill for at least an hour, or overnight.
  4. Serve in chilled bowls with fresh berries as garnish.
Recipe by Gwen's Nest at https://gwens-nest.com/chilled-strawberry-soup-recipe/