Don’t Fail the Holidays This Year!

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Its that time of year again! The time when it seems like feast after feast is popping up on my calendar. It’s so exciting to reconnect with family and friends this time of year. But alas…this is also the time of year that elastic waist pants begin to appeal to me.

Family celebrations should be about indulging in special foods, and spending non-stressful time with family. Not counting calories and measuring portions, and worrying about gaining weight.

Unfortunately, this is the time of year that I start talking myself into eating really junky foods, and just giving in to the temptation to eat *ALL* the things. For weeks and months on end.


In years past, I’ve done just that. I’ve made very bad choices all in the name of enjoying myself and not worrying. Only to be SO disgusted with myself at the beginning of the year–several pounds chubbier, and once again addicted to sugar and bad-for-me foods and drinks.

When it’s all said and done, it’s never worth it to me.Thanksgiving-summed-up

But not this year! Nope.

Why I Won’t Fail the Holidays This Year!

Several things have happened over the course of this year that have set my resolve. One is that I’ve had a year of healing and I really don’t want to mess that up by being unkind to my body and eating a bunch of junk.

The second is that my husband now needs to eat 100% gluten free. So I’ve been learning how to convert our favorites for him so that he can enjoy the holidays too. And the third is, I still have a few pounds to lose from my rough year, so I’m just not willing to give up and get MORE chubby.roast turkey breast recipe (18 of 21)

This year, one family feast WILL NOT turn into weeks of binge eating junk food.

I’m armed and ready with lots of AMAZING recipes.

Instead of the “family tradition” recipes that are LOADED with tons of sugar, white flour, and canned or boxed processed foods, I’ve created all new healthy versions of those recipes.

My carb-smart makeover recipes are simple, nourishing, sugar free, slow carb, and most importantly taste AMAZING! So amazing, that I decided to do some thing pretty crazy…

Are You With Me?

Last week, I was cooking and finalizing some new recipes, and I thought about all of my readers and online friends who are probably going through the same thing I am- trying to find a balance between delicious holiday foods and healthy eating.roast turkey breast recipe (9 of 21)

I want YOU to feel armed and ready too,so I decided to do something crazy and WRITE and PUBLISH a cookbook in JUST ONE WEEK.

I’m putting together a cookbook of traditional family favorites that are gluten free, sugar free, and carb smart. RIGHT NOW. Literally…I’m putting it together for you right this instant.

And it’s going to be SO GOOD!

You’re going to love these recipes!

I’ll walk you through every single recipe, so whether you’re a novice or a pro, you’ll be able to confidently conquer these holiday recipes with ease.


Are you ready to create an amazing feast that supports your health? We can do this together!

This is my first real cookbook, and I’m going all out. Feast features 28 recipes, printed in gorgeous full color. The collection this year is traditional dishes: the perfect roast turkey, cornbread dressing, macaroni and cheese, and pumpkin pie. But you’ll also find new family favorites, and classics infused with the flavors of caramel and maple.

There are more than 25 all new recipes that you won’t find on my blog or anywhere else!  In fact, only 2 of the recipes are repeats from my blog (sweet tea & sugar free brown sugar). Feast 2015 F-W Ebook Mock Up

Feast will be featured on Amazon in a sleek perfect binding and as a Kindle download. But I wanted to offer my faithful readers a VERY special deal, and to get all of these amazing recipes and resources into your hands as quickly as possible.

For 4 Days ONLY…

Since I literally am burning the midnight oil to get this to you in time for the holidays, I’ve decided to do a very special limited edition pre sale bundle to get these recipes directly into your hands as soon as they’re published.Feast cover spiral boundI also wanted to offer an exclusive chance to grab a spiral bound copy, since Amazon does not offer that as a printing option.

The Limited Edition pre-sale bundle includes:Feast Presale offers


  • Feast, Fall & Winter 2015-2016– a spiral bound, full color cookbook shipped to you hot off the press. ($15 value)
  • the Feast ebook, delivered to your inbox immediately after publishing. The ebook file is formatted for your Kindle e-reader device or app ($12 value)
  • the My Best Tips for Your Best Feast e-book. I’ll walk you through the most important aspects of setting up your holiday events from the planning stage to the final setup. Full of pictures and practical advice for casual family buffets to a more formal approach. ($8 value)
  • a full set of printable recipes from the book, delivered right to your inbox. These standard size formatted recipes are perfect for your recipe binder. ($10 value)

Bundle value sale 3 days only

The items in this presale bundle are only available for a very limited time! Because I’m going to press so quickly, the presale is only available for 4 days.

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PLUS these awesome FREE bonuses!

If you pre-order this limited edition bundle, you’ll get instant access to *THREE* special bonus items.

Bonus #1: Cornbread & Dressing Printables

recipe mock up 2I can’t wait for you to try two of my FAVORITE new recipes that are featured in the book:

  • the Carb Smart Classic Southern Cornbread, and the
  • Classic Cornbread Dressing recipe!

The dressing recipe is based on the dish served in the Atlanta landmark Frances Virginia Tearoom that closed back in the 60’s. So it truly is a classic with a carb-smart twist!

For years, I was intimidated by homemade dressing, since I’d only ever made the boxed instant version. If you can make a pan of cornbread, you can make amazing homemade dressing.

Bonus #2: a Full Photo Tutorial for Making Homemade Dressing

And to prove that to you that you CAN make dressing from scratch, I am also going to include a step by step photo tutorial to walk you through the process.
dressing tutorial mock up

In fact, this printable Cornbread Dressing Tutorial is more detailed and has more step by step photos than would even fit in the actual cookbook.

I was actually very surprised at how simple and delicious homemade dressing really is. So much so, that I plan on making it a more regular side dish this year. My son was in dressing heaven the night I served it, and I caught him eating leftover dressing for breakfast the next morning. It’s that good!

Bonus #3: Printable Feast Planner Ebook

A feast is special because it’s grand…a special production with all of your favorite things on the table. Whether your feasts are potluck style or traditional, you’re going to need a plan to pull it all together.

That’s where this comes in:

Feast Planning Printables Ebook Mock Up

This little booklet is chock full of pretty black & white printables to help you plan your work and work your plan. These worksheets are the tricks of the trade that I’ve been using in putting together all of the food for this cookbook! From a calendar page to a “D day” oven timeline worksheet, I’ll walk you through the ins and outs of planning a big meal, getting SUPER organized, and splitting the work into smaller manageable chunks.

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Ready to get started?

If you grab the pre-sale bundle right now, you’ll get instant access to this BIG goodie bag of bonus features. Instant access Feast Bonus offers

PLUS the spiral bound book, ebook, printables, and Tips ebook. I’m ready when you are…let’s get our Feast on! We can do it together.

This offer will not be repeated. It’s only available for 4 days- this is just a super special deal that I wanted to offer to my readers to celebrate the release of my first book.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the season with healthy, carb smart recipes.

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What’s In the Book?

Want to know more about what’s in the book? Check out the Resources page to find a list of all of the recipes and a free printable Trim Healthy Mama recipe types list.

resources img

You’ll also find the special ingredients that I use, and my one single piece of special equipment that I recommend in the book. Time is running out on this awesome bundle!

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What if I’m Not Good In the Kitchen?

“Are these recipes hard for people who aren’t that great in the kitchen?”19-homemade-butter-thumb

I’m SO glad you asked! First, I’m not a fussy gourmet. My style is more summed up as “kitchen efficient” with kids thrown in to help. So when I write my recipes, I write for my teens, who are still learning their way around the kitchen.

I even include Make-Ahead Tips on many of the recipes to help you make a better game plan for your holiday kitchen. Inspiring people to learn to cook, and providing them with well written recipes that will delight their friends and family is a huge motivation for me. It’s what I love to do.

So yes…I think you’ll find the recipes VERY do-able, and you can be SO proud of the end results that no one will realize that you’re still learning to cook.20-caramel-thumb

Let’s do this together! Let’s get our feasts on!

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