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Hi, I’m Gwen,

I’m a multi-tasking mom of four, and a lover of good books, walks in nature, good (real) food, and the laughter, joy, & beauty in life. In my life before motherhood, I was an artist, doing portraiture and murals. These days you’ll find me using that creativity to whip up (and write about) delicious family-friendly recipes and crafty pursuits, along with notes on herbal remedies and natural health research – another passion of mine.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved and dreamed about mothering. I started out mothering kittens, baby chicks, and my two younger siblings, who were very tolerant. Now, I’m living my dream: my day job consists of cooking, cleaning, creating, herding cats & children, and endless piles of laundry. And homeschooling, which was not something I ever aspired to, but it’s become a great fit for our family. Learning at home combines books, craftiness, and my own kids (a few of my favorite things!)

Something I’ve realized about my dream job: it’s not easy. Maybe you’ve realized this too. Motherhood and running a family is one of the most challenging (and potentially lonely) undertakings ever. I get it. I started Gwen’s Nest as a place to share ideas, recipes, home remedies, cleaning tips, and my heart. I wanted to create a place to connect with and support other parents for creating a natural, healthy, and fulfilling home life.

I’m not a neatnik, but I am an efficiency-nik. (made up word alert) I’ve been fascinated with efficiency since I was a kid and my Mom read Cheaper by the Dozen. So doing things faster, better, and more effectively is another focus you’ll find here. Because like you, I’m wanting to do more than just survive these busy years with kids. I never imagined just how fulfilling, and challenging real motherhood would be for me. This blog is my therapy (and journal) for all of the ups and downs and challenges of motherhood.



Our family consists of myself and the red-bearded Viking man I married twenty years ago. We have four kids: Claire (16), Cole (13), Cate (7) and Collin (5). That last little guy is a mini-Viking who can raid, wrassle, and pillage with the best of them. Every so often, stories about them will pop into the Nest here, and I’ve collected some of these tales in the ‘Dear Diary’ category.bundle sale (1 of 1)

Gwen’s Nest is dedicated to my own little chicks, so that when they’re adults they can look up recipes and remember what Mom used to give them for sore throats. And so they can always, always see how much I love and enjoy them.

It’s also dedicated to you, my readers: the mama’s and daddies who are also struggling through late night coughs and toddler Viking raids, and to home cooks, and herbal enthusiasts, and anyone else who finds themselves here and feels at home.dandelion (1 of 1)

Welcome. And thank you for reading, and for joining in the conversation.

I love to hear your feedback, ideas, and comments. I love it that every person has their unique perspective, and that so many of you feel comfortable enough to share them here. Your comments and presence here make this blog more valuable and useful for other readers, and they help me to be a better Mama, homemaker, caregiver, and friend.

I can’t thank you enough for that. I’m honored that you would take the time to be with me here. If you’d like to keep up with the latest tips, recipes, and fun stuff, please subscribe to my weekly email newsletter here:

Thank you for stopping by! Hope we can hang out again soon.