Women’s Health

This little natural remedy and herb shop was borne of my desire to find more natural products for my family...and my love of Amazon's free shipping! You'll find my favorite shampoo, laundry soap, vitamins, bulk herbs, and remedies all right here.

Women’s health stuff that just healthier that what you can buy at the drug store. Whether you’re dipping your toes into more natural living or you’re full on crunchy, there are products here to fit your natural lifestyle. You’ll find lady friendly support for menstruation, pampering and powdering your décolleté (aka “the girls”), and even vitamins and probiotics that are specially designed just for women’s health.

To learn more about a product, click the link and more info will open up.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? You can also shop through my Amazon affiliate link here and take advantage of the (hundreds of millions of) items in their database. If you’d like to see an item or three added here to my remedy shop, please drop me a note here, and I’ll add it for you!