The Viking: the Third Age


The third age of the Viking was ushered in with great ceremonial shindiggery and enthusiasm.  Choruses of “Happy Barfday to You” were sung each morning, in remembrance of this sacred occasion. The role of the Viking in this era is noteworthy on many accounts, including the fascination with “mussews”… heavy drinking… raids of destruction on…

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Little Fashion Miss


This girl.  She loves fashion.  She jumps and claps if she opens a gift that contains ‘only’ clothes.  Fancy socks are a favorite as well.This particular day, she’s chosen a vintage Raggedy Ann & Andy dress, and accessorized with lace stockings. Really beautiful lace stockings…ones that I have no memory of her owning.  And upon…

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A Little Stink


The small girly one on the end there. I was sitting next to her today at lunch, and I smelled a little something-something.  So I leaned over quietly and said “Do you need to go potty?” To which she whispered back, “No.  I just poof-ted”

Work Camp


Here’s the deal.  I was watching my sisters kids one afternoon, for a head count of two eleven year olds, two eight year olds, a 3 year old, a two year old and a baby. I was skeert. Just a little bit though. As I looked out of the window, I noticed that our elderly…

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