Crocheted Flower Afghan

crocheted flower afghan 3

When I say crocheted flower afghan, do you automatically think of ‘granny square’ throws from the 70’s?  Me too!  But this is NOT your average crocheted flower afghan!  Nosiree…this is fun, whimsical, and my Mama made it for me.  Which makes it the greatest afghan, like, EVER!!! I’m learning to crochet, and I think this…

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DIY Christmas Stockings from Sweaters


DIY Christmas stockings from sweaters was not an intentional goal.  But I only had 5 matching stockings, and our family had grown to 6. Naturally, I went shopping. Our dining room is a lovely shade of turquoise, with apple-green accents, and I really wanted something sort of neutral and natural for that room.  I found…

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I Crocheted A Viking Hat

crocheted viking hat

I crocheted a Viking Hat …for a real Viking. He’s brave, daring, and makes frequent raids of destruction.  He *needed* this hat. But apparently, Vikings are not necessarily fond of crochetedhead-gear.   This little factoid was not mentioned in my How to Raise a Viking Manual.  My bad. And if you force a Viking to wear…

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My Favorite Necklace!


If y’all read this post, then you’ll know that I’ve been reading and working through the book “It’s Just My Nature” by Carol Tuttle.  One of the things about this profiling system is that she also incorporates a book and online training program called ‘Dressing Your Truth,” where you learn to dress according to your…

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Painted Chair Cushions

painted upholstery DIY

This is my dining room.  It’s my favorite room in the house, because of the beautiful light and view that we get through the french doors.  I also LOVE the dining room set that Kyle’s Grandmother willed to us.  It’s *exactly* what I would have chosen if I could have had my pick of anything…

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