Health Journey Part 6: Parathyroid Surgery

parathyroid surgery from my high blood calcium-my scar and surgery report

  These past couple of weeks have flown by.  One minute, I’m on the phone, scheduling a pre-op appointment, and the next, it seems that I’m sitting there in the office, waiting to see the surgeon. The beginning of a new year of homeschooling, consignment sale prep, getting to teach a Trim Healthy Mama class,…

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My Health Journey Part 5: Decisions

High Blood Calcium 5

If this is the first post you’ve read about my health journey with high blood calcium, then you may want to start here:What I Didn’t Know It had been 6 months since my last check in with the Dr., and I knew I was getting close to my one year mark since starting the boron. …

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My Health Journey Part 4: What Goes Up…

High Blood Calcium 4

This parathyroid surgery alternative post is number IV in the series.  If you missed number I, then start here: What I Didn’t Know.  Now where was I…?  Oh yes… There was one final lab number that the surgeon really wanted to see before diagnosing me as primary hyperparathyroid:  my parathyroid hormone blood level (PTH).  If…

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My Health Journey Part 3: Skeptics, Proof, and Hope Like 20 Mules

High Blood Calcium 3

If you’ve been following along with my health issue posts, this is part III. (Click here to start back at the beginning) It’s a Sunday afternoon in late summer, and by the grace of God (and I don’t say that lightly), I’ve just discovered the root cause of my health concerns from the past couple…

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My Health Journey Part 2: Not Just a Name, But a Reason!

High Blood Calcium 2

This is the continued post from “What I Didn’t Know.”  This is a personal post about my health problems, and how I sort of became my own health advocate. Which is scary, and exciting, and rewarding in ways I never expected. I hope this can be of some help and inspiration to anyone else out…

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My Health Journey Part I: What I Didn’t Know

high blood calcium What I didn't know

2013 is going to be a great year for me! A banner year.  But I need to talk about me from a few years ago…before I found out what I didn’t know.  I want to share my story here to encourage others to really be proactive about your own health care, and to find a…

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