Quotable Kids

Quotable Kids

Raising kids is not for the faint of heart. But it does have its perks. Kids are naturally funny. And it’s a good thing- maybe it’s built in for their own survival. Or ours.

This week my 5 year old asked me to use “your muscle nails” to pry open a toy.

For years, I’ve been writing down and sharing my kids funny quotes on my Facebook page. And I recently asked you what your favorite quotes from the week are. Here are some of my favorites!

April’s almost 4 year old little girl loves the color purple. She told her baby brother, “Levi, you comed out of mama’s belly. And you were my faaaavorite color. Just like my curtains.”

Cassandra was teasing her 3 year old who was wanting to play in her largest kitchen pot. “But you can’t cook me! I’m a man!!” <muttered> “a little man”.

Natasha’s kids have a really easy system of determining ownership:  “It was his when he dropped it, it was mine when I picked it up!”

Margaret’s 6 year old boy is upset from the inside out:  ” I am upset. If you would smell my breath all you would smell is UPSET!

Ashley’s almost 4 year old son needed his hair cut. It kept falling in his eyes. But when Mom suggested it, he said, “No, because all the girls would see me!”

Jillian’s two year old pointed to his baby brother who was nursing. “milk”? Then he pointed to the other side and said “water”? He’s a fan of options.

Shannon’s little one just can’t find the words. “But mommy I was trying to tell you something and I lost my words. Do you know where my words are?”
And needs assistance navigating the hazards of dessert: “Remind me I have freeze brain from my ice cream.”

After Jamie finished peeling an orange, her daughter noted, “My daddy peels oranges too, when he’s the mom.”

Thanks to all of the above parents and kids who shared these smiles and laughs!

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