Foods High in Magnesium

The foods high in magnesium help support healthy mineral levels...which ones help the most?

The foods high in magnesium are a great way to support healthy magnesium levels. Let’s take a quick look at the best sources of magnesium in foods, as well as some special tips for getting the most out of your magnesium rich foods and supplements. If you’ve read any of the series I’ve been writing on the…

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Magnesium Oil Recipe

Magnesium oil for relaxation, sleep, and muscle cramps...make your own with this simple recipe!

Did you know magnesium oil is something that you can make yourself? It’s true! But let’s back up just a bit and talk about why you’d want to make it…and why it’s name is misleading. Then I’ll show you how *easy* it is to make and how to use it. We’ve been talking a lot…

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Magnesium Supplement Update and Q&A


Since starting the DIY magnesium supplement that I posted about a few weeks ago, I have had several (great!) questions, a few testimonials from others taking it, and I also wanted to let you know how it’s been going for my man and I. I’ve also played around with the basic recipe, and tried out…

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