Blendtec 625 Review

Blendtec 625 Review imgWriting a Blendtec 625 review was on my blogging bucket list. I was able to blog for Blendtec a few months back, and received a Blendtec Designer 625 Blender. (affiliate link) I’m in love, ya’ll!  Let me tell you all about this gorgeous piece of kitchen equipment, and why this power tool should be on your kitchen wish list.

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Before Blendtec

Prior to Blendtec, I had been using the blender that went with my Bosch stand mixer- I considered it to be a really nice blender. The mixer runs around $400 and features a top of the line 800 W motor, and you have to add the blender jar for around $70. I found mine at a yard sale for a ridiculously low price and it was an older model, but it was still what I’d consider a really nice blender. And then the blender jar broke.

Instead of investing another $70 in an older model blender, I dragged out my vintage beehive Oster that I’ve used for years to buy time while deciding what to do. The Oster classic beehive is an awesome little kitchen workhorse, and still the blender that I’d recommend for anyone looking in the standard department store price range. The classic Oster is well engineered and performs well for its class. It’s great for basic blending and even for grinding spices. But it gave me green smoothies that look like this:

 Osterizer Green Smoothie


I realized that if I wanted smooth smoothies, something needed to be done.

Light From Heaven

I was SO excited when my Blendtec 625 arrived in the mail. It’s a beautiful machine, and so powerful! After using my Blendtec, I can say this: the only comparison between this and the previous blenders I’ve used is that they both are marketed as blenders. Blendtec is way outside of the class of blender that I was used to. It’s sort of like getting your dream car and then realizing that you have been driving around town on a riding lawnmower.


This lovely machine is engineered to produce creamy, perfectly smooth concoctions. And the neat thing is that they have the programming already done for you! So I can fill the blender jar with my ingredients, hit the smoothie button and walk away. And this is what you can expect from a Blendtec. Every. Time.

 blendtec smoothieCan you believe this chocolate goodness is a sugar free Magic Minty Chocolate Green smoothie?

Needless to say, I’m in love with the results. And my Blendtec 625. Let me show you around the control panel.

Blendtec 625 Controls

This is what you’ll find on the controls of your 625

Designer625 controls

The machine automatically adjusts the speed and settings for any of the pre-programmed settings: Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup. Or you can adjust the slider to speed and pulse or run the blender in full manual mode. The smooth keypad wipes clean easily.

And speaking of easy to clean: the blender jar is super wide, and the blades are dull.  These feature makes the jar very easy to clean with no disassembly required and no boo-boos from super sharp blades. I love the large mouth jar, and that it can not only hold large batches of food, but it can also fit easily under the cabinets (unlike the Vitamix).

You can see it in action here:

I was skeptical that non-sharp blades could really blend well, but I’m now a believer. The 1625 watt, 3 horsepower motor pulverizes and whips anything in its path! If you’ve never seen the “Will It Blend?” videos produced by Blendtec, you should take a few minutes. But please never NEVER show my boys the Will It Blend videos. Things could get dicey. <ba-bump-ching!>

Color Choices for the Designer 625

I love all of the color options that Blendtec has added in their Designer 625 line! I went with classic black, but the Designer 625 comes in seven gorgeous color combinations:

Blendtec Colors Designer 625

Warranty & Shipping

I was so hesitant to consider getting a high end blender because of the cost. But every Blendtec comes with a full 8 year warranty. They are incredible machines that are built to last. I’ve realized that the Blendtec is a large appliance at heart, but just with a smaller footprint. So if you’re serious about selecting great kitchen equipment, this machine should be on your wish list.

When you’re ready to purchase a Blendtec 625, you can get free shipping through my affiliate link here:

  Blendtec Blenders

A More Affordable Option

If you want the power and reliability of a Blendtec, but need to get in at a lower price point, the refurbished classic will save you $100 and they’re very highly rated and come with a 7 year warranty. Or you might consider the Blendtec Classic refurbished models-a steal at only $279.

  Blendtec Blenders


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  1. Gayle says

    I have a Blendtech and I love it except for the lid!!! I have had the lid come off several times when making green smoothies and it makes a terrible mess! They really need to design a lid that cannot pop off! I always keep my hand firmly on the lid every time now!

    • Mary Yoder says

      I really enjoy following your blog,and am blessed by it.The Blendtec looks very interesting to me.
      Blessings to you

  2. Karen says

    Couple of comments… we love our Blendtec… to Gayle – are you sure that you are putting the lid on so that the 4 edges are over the lip of the container? I have noticed that sometimes, I miss getting one side over the lip completely. Maybe that is why your lid pops off!

    Gwen, I have a Classic 570 and the instructions in there say to put in the liquids first, then soft stuff and then the hard stuff like ice. Do you think the 625 has different requirements? Just wondering. On the other hand, not sure why it would make any difference!

  3. Jennifer Hoffman says

    Blendtec blenders are the best!!!!! I have used them in the past and think it’s so much better than Any other blender on the market. So easy to use, clean and get great recipes. Oh how I would love to win this Blendtec and change my life for the better!!!!

  4. Connie says

    I was wondering how to sign up for the giveaway..I have read and re-read and can’t seem to find out how!

  5. robin says

    The seafoam/white is gorgeous! My friend has a Blentec and constantly produces the most beautiful concoctions! :)

  6. Lucinda Brown says

    I already subscribe to your e-mails and would LOVE to win the BlendTec! I love your blog too btw! Thanks for your generous give-aways.

  7. Debbie S says

    I finally got my first email from your website. I’ve been reading reviews on Blendtec blenders on Amazon.

    Would love to enter your giveaway. I don’t see a link or entry form for it.

  8. Angela Long says

    I would love to have this blender! I also love your page. Thanks for all the recipes, I’m trying to get my sugar under control.

  9. Colleen Leary says

    What a healthy helper for my kitchen! I’d like the Chartreuse/white blender please. Thank you for this encouraging give away!

  10. BJ Morris says

    I am trying to figure out how to get one for my son who has a feeding tube. We can’t afford one and would love to be able able to give my son a healthier cleaner diet but for now we are stuck using Pedia sure.

    • says

      Honestly you can use any type of blender and just strain it afterward for a good whole foods alternative. ♥ A Blendtec is nice to have but sometimes you just use what you have and do the best you can in the circumstances.

    • says

      I use it for things that I’d use as a food processor, but it moves VERY fast, so it takes far less time to get a good chop. I use the Twister Jar for things like salsas. It wouldn’t work for things like making slices, shreds, or kneading dough. It all depends on how you use your food processor. One big plus is that it’s WAY easier to clean than my food processor, so I definitely lean toward using it anytime I can. 😉