Dear Diary…

My grumpy bedtime Viking

My little guy is talking a LOT now!  As busy as he is when he’s playing and carrying out his raids, he is a sweetie when he’s sleepy.  “Mommynuggles” is required before night-night time.  This dirty look is for his paparazzi sister.

He’s loving boats and “moko-bike-kickles” and his “Gandaddy.” And he’s potty training.  Thank goodness for enzyme cleaner (on the pet aisle…they even carry it at the Dollar Tree!)

And speaking of boys, I have noted a couple of important lessons that I’ve learned:

Parenting boys, tip #3,421:
Just because your brave son saves your life by killing a giant bug with a shoe…never, NEVER assume that it will occur to him to wipe bug carcass off the shoe and clean it. <gag>

Parenting boys, tip #3,422:
Never touch the bottom of a shoe while picking it up off the floor. EVER. <shudder>


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