DIY Pocket Camera Kit

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I love my DIY pocket camera kit! I keep it in my purse or pocket when I’m traveling light with my gear. Amazingly, this tiny little kit has the essentials so that I’m never caught off guard.

I’m just now learning how to use a real camera in manual mode…it’s SO fun! I’ve been toting around a little camera kit like this for a few years, and I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who has ever been caught with a dead battery or a full memory card- whether you’re a hobby photographer or a pro.

I first started out using an empty Altoids mint tin, but I found this adorable little tin at Hobby Lobby- it was a sewing kit! But I’m repurposing it for my camera kit. The bright happy color will make it easier to spot in my bag.


Inside, I keep a couple of extra empty memory cards, a fully charged back up battery, and this super neat-o usb adapter card reader (affiliate link) so it’s easy to share photos with others. I’ve found that the no name batteries do a good job, so I always buy a back up and keep it charged and in my little kit.


To make your own little kit, you’ll just need to pull together your essentials and stash them in a cute portable container.


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Do you enjoy learning about photography? I’m considering sharing some more photography tips here in the Creative Home category of my site. Any topics that you’d like for me to cover?


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  1. says

    What an adorable idea! And super practical – I have had more than one occasion of frustration because my battery died when I was out. Thanks!

  2. Dale says

    Hi Gwen,
    I thought your ap to help change the lighting on screens was a wonderful idea! Unfortunately, that one does not work on my iPhone. It is only for android phones. If you or anyone comes across one for iPhones I’d love to hear about it!
    Many thanks,
    Dale (from New Zealand)