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I promised a friend that I’d post about my tea box. I can’t remember how we got onto the conversation of storing teas, but this is my fun solution for saving space while storing and easily accessing all of my bagged teas.

Meet my tea box.
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The front of the box is a plaque that I helped design for our church’s Vacation Bible School crafts a few years ago. It’s a collage of paper houses, with 3-D clothespin dolls to make a little neighborhood scene. I loved how they turned out, but I didn’t have a place to display them as wall plaques.

Then it dawned on me that it would be really cute to make the plaque the front of a box, because I needed to consolidate my collection ridiculously large collection of half empty tea boxes. And I’d tried jars, but it’s too hard to see what we have. This works SO much better:my tea box (2 of 7)

My tiny kitchen has such limited storage, and I’d seen some really lovely wooden tea boxes that display all of the kinds of tea so nicely- no more digging through boxes or canisters to pick a flavor!

To make my tea box, I picked up a photo box for $1.99 from my local craft supply store. Since my shelf is pretty narrow, I had to cut off the front of the box to make it fit. I cut and bent tabs in, and hot glued them right to my wooden plaque (you can see this above). Easy-peasy!

My Favorite Teas

We all love a good tea party, so I like to keep a little variety of teas on hand. My favorites are…
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Our tea party celebrating the end of first grade. Everyone helped prepare the food, and we had a great time. I love to share the comfort and joy of teas with my kids!
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What are your favorite teas? Do you have any tips on storing loose-leaf teas? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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My tea box- how I store and display teas, and my favorite kinds.

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  1. says

    If you like earl grey I recommend trying Choice Organic Earl Grey, it’s my favorite. The loose leaf teas I have right now came in containers that I have left them in. I mostly use bags though.

  2. says

    Your table/tea looks lovely!
    I have a similar tea box — it is a very handy way to see your teas! I like the teas you mention, and also Eastern Shore Tea Company’s “Cupid’s Arrow,” Traditional Medicinal’s “Eater’s Digest,” and Yogi’s “Green Tea Kombucha,” among others.