Little Fashion Miss


This girl.  She loves fashion.  She jumps and claps if she opens a gift that contains ‘only’ clothes.  Fancy socks are a favorite as well.This particular day, she’s chosen a vintage Raggedy Ann & Andy dress, and accessorized with lace stockings. Really beautiful lace stockings…ones that I have no memory of her owning.  And upon…

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A Little Stink


The small girly one on the end there. I was sitting next to her today at lunch, and I smelled a little something-something.  So I leaned over quietly and said “Do you need to go potty?” To which she whispered back, “No.  I just poof-ted”

The Sanity Drawer- Toddler Homeschool Ideas

homeschooling with a toddler

Toddler homeschool ideas that will maintain your sanity- that’s the goal here. We’ve started into our second year of homeschooling this year, and one of the main “issues” (if you will) was to prevent a certain little someone from peeling the drywall off the walls silently while we were studying spelling. The solution that I…

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Sunday Best

sunday-best (3)

My baby girl was wearing a beautiful dress and bonnet last week.  Her sister had worn it when she was 2, and I really wanted a few photos of her.  Isn’t she just precious? I will never, ever, ever try to take cute outfit photos after church again… on the week we start potty training…

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