Beauty Tips: Amazing uses of Milk of Magnesia

Beauty tips: amazing uses for Milk of Magnesia- it's an acne treatment and natural deodorant and more!These natural beauty tips have one thing in common: they all use a cheap, natural, and widely available mineral mix found in most pharmacies. Milk of magnesia is normally used as a laxative and stomach acid neutralizer, but it can be used in many amazing ways as part of your natural beauty routine. This creamy basic (chemically speaking) liquid can be used in many creative ways from body care to baby care! It’s simply magnesium hydroxide mixed with water, so it’s a very natural product, and is affordable enough to try for any of the following beauty tips and uses.

Beauty tips: amazing uses for Milk of Magnesia- it's an acne treatment and natural deodorant and more!

An Important Note!
Make sure your Milk of Magnesia only contains water and magnesium hydroxide. Many formulas have begun to add sodium hypochlorite, which is essentially bleach/bleaching agent, and it will be listed in the inactive ingredients. How is bleach an inactive ingredient?

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Milk of Magnesia as a Facial Mask or Primer

One of the popular ways that Milk of Magnesia (MOM) is being used is as an oily skin mask or primer for makeup. If you struggle with oily skin, then you know how challenging it is to keep your makeup on all day. Fans of MOM use a thin primer layer just after moisturizing and let it soak in before applying their makeup. *Definitely* moisturize, as MOM is drying to the skin. The MOM will leave a thin film. Some prefer to buff it off a bit, but it will disappear when you add your makeup. Some use it in conjunction with or after their foundation (but before powder) for a very matte look.

If your skin is oily just on the T zone, I’d apply just to that area as a base primer. Here’s a post with a great before and after! Be aware that MOM is has a very low ph level, and that prolonged use can lower your skin ph. I’d recommend a primer with a higher ph like a lemon juice or vinegar version to help prevent issues with long term use.

For Acne & Pimples

It can also be applied to oily skin to keep oils at bay. Test out on a small area first. Milk of Magnesia is drying and can lower the skin ph for some people and cause breakouts for a small percentage of people. So make sure it’s a good fit for your skin before applying for an important event. You can also use the drying power of MOM to target pimples as they pop up, applying a dot overnight to dry them out. Some even use it as a facial wash! I’d follow up with a toner that has some acidity to it if you’re going to be doing that regularly to keep the acid mantle of your skin intact.

As a Matte Finish for Bald Headsbeauty tips- milk of magnesia bald img

Some men love a sheen, and others don’t. Milk of Magnesia to the rescue for men who want to get rid of that shine! This is a tip straight from Hollywood makeup artists for men who are going to be under lights…the milk of magnesia cuts the shine.

To use: moisturize and then apply a very thin layer of Milk of Magnesia to the scalp, and the shine is banished. If you get a film, simply buff it off and use less the next time. Tip: don’t use cotton applicators…if you have stubble it can grab the cotton and leave fluff. Go for the foam makeup applicators like these. (Amazon affiliate link)

Milk of Magnesia is an Effective Natural Deodorant!beauty tip magnesium (3 of 3)

On the Herbal Chick Chat group, I see posts *regularly* about how natural deodorants cause underarm rashes. Many people are very sensitive to the baking powder found in most natural deodorant recipes. After doing lots of testing, my sister decided that the baking powder is the active ingredient, and she didn’t get adequate protection from removing it from the formula.

Milk of Magnesia is the simple answer to a natural deodorant. Simply apply plain MOM with a cotton pad or makeup applicator, and let it soak in a bit. It’s quick, simple, effective, and totally natural! A very chemically sensitive friend of mine has been using it for a couple of years now with great results. It works!

Other Handy Uses for Milk of Magnesiabeauty tips milk of magnesia (1 of 10)

I’ve also read about using MOM as a sunburn aid, and for soothing diaper rashes.

Have you tried any of these beauty tips or home remedies with Milk of Magnesia? Did I miss any cool tips that you’ve tried?

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Beauty tips: amazing uses for Milk of Magnesia- it's an acne treatment and natural deodorant and more!


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  1. Gwen Pace says

    As kids we used MOM on sunburn, but it is also effective on fever blisters and mouth sores, but most importantly- BEE, WASP, And mosquito stings and bites! It draws out the poisons….

    • says

      My friend that’s used it for years says just to let it dry for a minute, and you shouldn’t have any problem with residue on clothing. :) The photo of it on my hand…it literally dries in less than a minute. So that should be fairly easy to do. :)

  2. Ra says

    great pore reducer!…apply to areas on your face with large pores…allow to dry completely before advancing to next step in your morning routine…the moisturrizer and foundations cover it completely…if in doubt, play with it on weekends or days you are not required to be ‘perfect’?…:)

  3. Ra says

    I put it in a spray bottle for under arm and sunburn applications…i put on my clothes and then lift the blouse to spritz under arms or i apply and allow to dry before pulling on clothes…