The Best Vitamins for Kids

Looking for the best kid vitamins?  I shopped and tweaked for years, and the kids and I are now truly in love with the daily vitamins that they take.  They meet the needs of tasting good, not requiring a toddler to swallow pills, and most of all, they meet my standard of not having any synthetic vitamins.  So I feel good that the kids are able to really utilize the nutrition much better.

When my oldest two were toddlers, I began using NOW berry flavored liquid multi vitamin, as well as lemon flavored cod liver oil (affiliate links), to add in vitamin D, and the healthy omega 3 oils.  Believe it or not, the kids loved the flavors of both!

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I eventually found this cute little measuring shot glass (kitchen aisle of my local big box store!), and started just measuring both into one glass.

The two liquids don’t mix, but the flavors meld really well, and the kids LOVE taking it this way.  My 5 year old just told me yesterday, “They put the sweet stuff in there, AND the good for you stuff in there too!” Really, what more could you ask for?

The last time we ran out of vitamins, I found a really great deal on this whole food vitamin, Nature’s Plus Garden of Life Gold, (affiliate link) so that’s what we’ve been using. It’s a *fantastic* (and usually very pricey) vitamin supplement.  And it rocks.  I even take it on days when I need an extra boost of energy.  It’s a tropical fruits flavor, and actually tastes REALLY good!

The adult serving is 2 T.  Since the NOW adult size serving is 1 T, and children over 4 take 1 teaspoon.   I use that as a guideline, and just give the older kids 2 t. of the Liquid Gold, and 1 t. of cod liver oil.  The little guy gets 1 t. of each.

I love that the Garden of Life products are whole food derived, and use no synthetics.  Here is the nutritional information for the Garden of Life Gold. (will open in a new window)

I’ve always loved NOW products as well…they have *extremely* high standards, and offer top quality supplements and products at really great prices.  And neither of these two companies have idea that I even exist…this is in no way a paid endorsement. These are just products that I love and what I think are the best vitamins for kids.


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The Best Kids Vitamins Resources

I usually buy from Lucky Vitamins online, or from Amazon …I love the Super Saver Shipping items…they give you free shipping on $25 or more.  Here are the links for my favorite vitamins for the kids!

The Garden of Life Gold also comes in chewables if your kids are so inclined…but I haven’t tried them. I’ve not been able to find the NOW Cod Liver Oil recently, so I’m linking to the TOP rated brand by the Weston A. Price foundation: Nature’s Answer 

And the best part?  Moms, and even Grandmas can take these same vitamins…perfect for those who don’t like to swallow pills.

Want more options? I’ve collected the best vitamins and supplements for kids in my Amazon Affiliate store, including some highly recommended whole foods gummies!

The Best Vitamins For Kids

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Do you have a favorite vitamin for your kids? Tell me in the comments. :)

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  1. Sarah says

    Gwen, I can’t find the NOW brand liquid cod liver oil on Amazon. Do you know if it’s still available, or is there another brand you recommend? There are so many!

    • says

      Hi Sarah,
      They may have stopped carrying it. I like the Carlson brand or the Cinnamon flavor of Green Pastures fermented (you use less of the fermented, so that tends to level the price difference out because it lasts longer).

  2. Alyssa says

    Do you have a source for oral vitamin k for newborns? This would be in lieu of the shot at the hospital. I’m also ordering some for me to take leading up to birth.

  3. Victoria says

    Thanks for this! I’m almost out of a kind that I don’t love and was at a loss for what to buy next. Have you ever heard of juice plus? I have a friend that sells them and loves them but because it’s a mlm, I question if it truly is the best… I’m sure it’s good but is it worth the price if there are better alternatives. Also, how long do these bottles last you?

    • says

      My kid’s doctor recommends Juice Plus to all of his patients, but he doesn’t sell them (which I hugely respect!) I’m just not a fan of the MLM business model though. This lasts me…uh…it really depends on how faithful I am at giving them their doses. :)

  4. Julie says

    Hello Gwen
    I am a mum of 4 living in Toowoomba, Queensland, and have just discovered your site. I would love to find a liquid vitamin supplement available in Australia similar to this one. Do you know of anything?

    • says

      I can’t remember, as this was several years ago now. :) I based in on weight, though. I think I divided an adult dose down to figure out the doses for my kids and half of that for him?

      • Jamie Garcia says

        Ok sounds good, thanks . I have 4 daughters 6 yo to 9 mo, the vitamins kill my food budget, but the 2 yo is an extremely poor eater. I’m looking forward to her reaching an ‘age of reason’ about this lol. Take care!