Home Remedy for Sinus Infection

sinus infection remedies (7 of 10)

Our home remedy for sinus infection is quick, effective, and you can use whatever you have on hand in your yard or natural remedy stash. A couple of my family members tend to have colds and allergies go to their sinuses and just hang out there. The headaches, achey face, and headaches tend to linger,…

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Natural Scents Hot Pot

natural home scent pot (5 of 7)

I love natural scents, but great quality candles are kind of costly to burn daily. I discovered that I can fill all of the rooms of my little home with delicious natural scents for pennies a day. Here’s how… First, I send my kids into the yard to gather anything that smells good: sprigs of…

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Upset Stomach Remedies

Upset stomach remedies that are natural, effective, and fast...these are my go to home remedies.

Upset stomach remedies are one of the first things I learned when I started becoming interested in home remedies. My approach was something like this: research the most likely illness that we get, and find good natural treatments.  Though stomach ache treatments are commonly passed down through family lore, we didn’t really have a good go…

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DIY Sunscreen: Myth Busted!

DIY Sunscreen: Myth Busted! What you need to know before trusting a homemade sunscreen recipe.

DIY sunscreen recipes are being shared all over Pinterest these days, but as a majorly pale Mama with four pale kiddos, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t taking any chances with our skin or our long term health. Which is really a tough subject, because ALL of the sunscreen options in our local…

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The Onion Poultice


The onion poultice is a very old fashioned remedy that has so many modern applications. It’s a basic and frequently used tool in our home remedy arsenal for all sorts of complaints. The word poultice is very old fashioned, and it’s fitting…this is a timeless remedy. I have a special place in my heart (and…

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Making a Garlic Press

gwens nest garlic press remedy

I’ve shared about garlic presses in a series I did a couple years ago on using garlic in home remedies. But I felt that this handy little trick needed its own post. Why Use a Garlic Press? Why is this so awesome? I’m glad you asked. First, you don’t have to actually eat or swallow…

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Stevia: Good or Bad?


Stevia: good or bad?  It’s a burning question that several health bloggers have tackled lately.  So this Trim Healthy Tuesday, I thought I’d jump in and warn my readers of the DANGERS of stevia.  Because really…that’s what these types of posts are all about, right? I realize that I’ve been remiss in taking advantage of…

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Rooibos Chai Tea


Roobios chia tea is a lifesaver.  I love coffee with real cream, even though I didn’t indulge daily.  So it really stunk big time when I discovered that I needed to cut out caffeine.  I was never a huge fan of herbal teas, but on recommendation of friends, I’ve discovered a few really delicious teas…

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