Home Remedy for Sinus Infection

sinus infection remedies (7 of 10)Our home remedy for sinus infection is quick, effective, and you can use whatever you have on hand in your yard or natural remedy stash. A couple of my family members tend to have colds and allergies go to their sinuses and just hang out there. The headaches, achey face, and headaches tend to linger, and even pain relievers don’t touch it.

So what do we do? Instead of trying to use oral treatments, we rely on herbal steams to go straight to the site of the problem. Before I show you what we do, I want to

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Home Remedy for Sinus Infection

I start with whatever herbs may be in my yard at the time that fit the bill to be anti-germ and drying/astringent. Today’s picks are pine, rosemary, plantain, and a couple of sprigs of rabbit tobacco. sinus infection remedies (1 of 10)

I also add a couple of tablespoons of mineral salt. Saline is so healing and soothing. sinus infection remedies (4 of 10)

If you have essential oils, they can really boost the effects. I love the Kid Safe line, so that anyone in the family can enjoy it in the diffuser or in a steam. Today I used the Germ Destroyer and Sniffle Stopper blends. sinus infection remedies (3 of 10)

If you have rosemary, fir, spruce, cypress, cedarwood, lavender, or lemon- any of those would be great choices for sinus support. Put a kettle of water on to boil, put on some nice relaxing music, and grab a lightweight linen towel or fabric panel, and some tissues.

Add all of your components to a nice heavy bowl, and set it onto a table in front of a comfy chair that will allow you to lean over it comfortably.sinus infection remedies (5 of 10)

When your water comes to a simmer, pour hot steamy water over it all. sinus infection remedies (8 of 10)

Lean in over the bowl and enjoy the steam…put a linen pillowcase or any sort of fabric over your head to help funnel all of the steam up to your face.
sinus infection remedies (10 of 10)

Enjoy the steam for as long as you like, allowing any drainage to just flow down into the bowl or take care of it with tissues. You can refresh the steam bowl with more hot water as needed.

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    Hi, Gwen! Thanks for the tip. I am a fan of essential oils! During this Christmas break, I have a 5th grader here at home sick and I’m wondering if it is a sinus infection. I’m going to try this and I’m sure it will help and she will love it. Thanks, again!!

    • says

      Hi Natalie!
      I’ve found that finding an herbalist in your area…even online can be a huge help in learning what plants are useful and how they are used. :) Another way is to look for local classes on plants, asking someone locally who is a “yard man” can be helpful (they can usually identify the “weeds” although they won’t know how to use them), or you can join an online plant ID group. I’m in a couple on Facebook myself. :)

      You do want to be certain of an ID prior to ingesting a plant, but some (like pine trees) can be pretty straightforward. I like to look at several sources, including online photos, books, and preferably talking to an old timer that knows what he’s talking about. :) The best way to learn a plant is to have a knowledgeable person introduce you, and to interact with it some so you know it by sight, smell, feel, uses, and even what it looks like in all seasons.

      I wrote posts (including how to ID) on rabbit tobacco and plantain…two VERY useful herbs here.