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easy bread recipes imgMy Easy Bread Recipe has been life changing for our family and is one of my most popular posts here on Gwen’s Nest. Have you tried it yet? Oh man…I wish I could slap a fresh hot slice of my pizza in front of you and change your life too.

If you *haven’t* discovered the Easy Bread recipe yet, then here it is.

Click the photo below or this easy bread recipe link:
Easy Bread Recipe

Friday nights here at my Nest are pizza and movie night. But that’s not the only way to use up your easy bread dough. I’ve had several comments saying that they’ve let it sit for a couple of weeks in the fridge without using it. Look…that’s a travesty! Dinner is seriously less than a half hour away with a jar of easy bread in the fridge. This is like the healthy version of those pop open crescent rolls that were wrapped around anything that sat still in the 90’s.

But this is NOT the 90’s and I have started to care a lot more about my health and about fitting into my jeans. And if you ask me, this bread blows away the biscuit cans in taste anyway. Since I now make this with whole wheat, I prefer to use flatbread variations that don’t require as much of a rise.

So, because I love ‘ya, and I want you to also enjoy the amazing benefits of a jar of easy bread in your fridge, I’ve compiled this list of MORE easy bread recipes:

My favorite: Cheese Pizza


I should have named this: “the pizza that ruined us on take out forever with a to-die-for breadstick crust”. But that’s kind of too long for a blog title. I’m telling you, this stuff is SO amazing, AND on the table in less than 30 minutes. And if you’re a Trim Healthy Mama, the cheese (normally an “S” ingredient) is measured out to keep you under 5 grams of fat, and in E mode. *happy dance*
Adding pepperoni or other toppings with fats will pull you into crossover mode. and speaking of crossovers…

Baked Potato Pizza


This is my VERY favorite pizza at a local pizza place. It’s all the best parts of a loaded baked potato, but you’re only eating a few little slices of *actual* potato. Making this a healthier and less naughty recipe if you ask me. The sauce is ranch dip, and you top with thin slices of baked potato and all of your favorite toppings. I could go for a slice or two right now!

THMs: this is a crossover or a cheat, depending on whether or not you allow yourself a few slices of white potato. :)

Focaccia Bread

focaccia-bread-recipe (3)

Focaccia bread is my FAVORITE way to add fresh homemade bread to the table when serving soup and salad meals. I top it with onions, fresh garlic, and a sprinkling of herbs and parm. Aside from the pizza, this is next favorite of the easy bread recipes. It’s so full of flavor and crunch, and I’m cringing at this horrible photo…I apologize. I promise to get a better photo up soon that does it justice. Yikes.

THMs: Because Easy Bread is a wheat/grain based product, it’s always going to be an E automatically. Be sure your toppings and meal extras stay under the 5 grams of fat to stay in E mode, or you can choose to have a healthy crossover. :)

Pretzel Dogs or Pigs in a Blanket


Pretzel dogs or mini-pig-in-a-blankets with delicious homemade ranch mustard dip...this is PARTY FOOD!

Pretzel dogs or mini-pig-in-a-blankets with delicious homemade ranch mustard dip…this is PARTY FOOD!

Pretzel Dogs or pigs in a blanket are my kids favorites. They’re a must have at birthday parties, and a special rare treat. After experiencing the pretzel dog, I can never eat another tasteless  hot dog bun *blech*again.

THMs: Use a lower fat hotdog to keep this in E mode, or enjoy it as a crossover.

I’m on my way to mix up a fresh batch of dough right now, because this post has made me hungry. Your turn: do you have a favorite from these easy bread recipes? What’s your favorite way to use it?

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  1. Cindy Young says

    I have not only made this bread/pizza, I have passed your recipe on more times than I can count. Now I want to go mix some up for next week!

  2. Michelle says

    I’ve been meaning to try your Easy Bread recipe for a long time now. With these added recipes, I’m excited to try it real soon. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Deb says

    When you say this recipe makes two pizza crusts and two 12″ baguettes, what size are your pizza pans? It looks as if the pizza dough is fairly thick? Also, do you know how many regular loaves of bread (8×5 pan) this would make? Thanks, it is so good!

    • says

      I make very large pizzas, and can get 3 of them if I do them very thin crust. I bake right on parchment paper, so no pans are used.
      I am not sure about the bread pans. I’ve not done it with that method. I’ve found that whole wheat doesn’t rise as well, so I stick to flatbreads with yummy toppings! :)

  4. Lori Alexander says

    I was going to make the easy e bread recipe, wasn’t sure about the flour. Would unbleached white whole wheat be THM approved? By Kung Arthur

      • Lori says

        Thanks so much for answering that question. I am gonna have to try this recipe again. First time around I thought it had a very unique flavor, maybe its my wheat flour.

  5. Tammy Sund says

    The easy bread recipe has become a staple in our family! Thank you for bringing Pizza back into my life! I follow THM-they don’t-but easy to make pizza we can all be happy with :)

  6. says

    I would like to try your bread recipe,but, I could not get it. Could you please email the recipe to me. Thanks. Marlis I love bread, my mom always made homemade bread.

  7. Christen says

    Could you share instructions on how to make the pizza & focacccia bread? I didn’t see them in the post, but maybe I missed it. How much of the easy bread dough do you use? Does it have to rise before baking it like when you make a loaf? Do you cook it at same temperature & for same amount of time as when making a loaf?

  8. Angela says

    Hi Gwen, do you have a trick for getting the pizza off the parchment paper? Ours was completely stuck and we had a hard time getting it off the pizza crust :(


  9. Barbara says

    Help. I just let my dough rise for two hours and then remembered I left out the salt. Is there a way to save this or do I have to start over.

    • says

      Yep, but because it doesn’t contain any fat, it will need to be a well oiled waffle iron. :) I haven’t tried this, but I think it will work, and you can just try a small amount as a test run. :)

  10. Cindy says

    Could you show how your THM Easy Bread turns out – using all whole wheat or 4 cups ww and 2 cups white? I (use 4 cups ww and 2 cups white, for THM.) Mine doesn’t rise much at all after it has been in the refrig. for 3 days. (When my sister makes this with all white flour, and cooks it the same day, it’s looks and tastes great. Not so great the THM way.) Your pictures look more like her results. My husband won’t eat the sourdough bread, because it’s dense and doesn’t rise enough to make a decent size sandwich. That means I have to eat it all myself, and I have to toast each slice twice to make it palatable. I know I must be doing something wrong. I’ve made bread for years, (at least 30) and I can’t seem to get this one right. :(

    • says

      Hi Cindy,
      This post was from WAY before THM when I used white flour, so the photos are from that. I use it now as pizza crust and foccacia mostly because whole wheat doesn’t rise as nicely. Flatbread is SO scrumptious. It works best for me to just buy the sprouted bread and use that for toast, and use this for a side dish with meals or as pizza. :)

  11. Jemma says

    Do you know if it would be possible to make this into tortilla shells? We really like it (and your seasonings) as pizza! Thanks!

  12. says

    Hi Gwen! I just wanted to let you know that we ADORE this Easy Bread recipe in our house. Tuesday night is Focaccia and soup night and Friday or Saturday is pizza night with it. I felt like experimenting today so I tried something I’ve been wondering about for a while. I dumped my dough that has been in the fridge for 4 days into my bread machine pan, let it sit there for a couple hours to come to room temperature and settle into a loaf shape, and then baked it using the 1 hour bake cycle. Believe it or not, it came out beautifully! A slightly dense loaf that was easy to cut, even hot, and held up well enough for sandwiches. I was so excited and just had to share this with you!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  13. Susan Hayes says

    I have passed this recipe on several times. Do you know if I could make spoon rolls with this? I used all white flour.

    • says

      The recipe does work with white flour, but many of my readers are Trim Healthy Mama followers, and white flour in any greater proportion than this is not on plan.