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Welcome to my Trim Healthy Mama friendly Recipe index. If you're new to the Trim Healthy Mama plan, be sure to check out the book review to get a feel for what it's all about. You'll notice that a few recipes are posted in several categories...this is not a typo. There are directions for turning one recipe into two to three different meal types (S, E, or FP), depending on your ingredient and side dish choices.


E or "Energizing" recipes are lower in fat, and focus on gaining energy in the form of healthy slow carbohydrate sources, like grains, beans, and fruit. You can pair any Fuel Pull recipe with an E recipe to make a meal.
THM FP recipes from Gwen's Nest

Fuel Pull recipes are low in both fat and carbs, but are surprisingly tasty! Enjoy them on their own, or use them to round out other meal types. They are like the blue jeans of the Trim Healthy Mama meals...they really do go with everything! Don't miss the fantastic collection of Fuel Pull spices, dressing, sauces...they are super versatile and add lots of flavor to any type of meal.

Fuel Pull Veggies, Sides, & Salads

Low Carb Corn Muffins (3 of 4)
roasted radishes are a great low carb potato sub. Get my easy roasted radish recipe here!
cold cucumber soup recipe

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Fuel Pull Condiments, Spices, & Sauces

greek spice mix recipe
stevia-syrup-recipe (3)
low carb streusel recipe (7 of 11)
tzatziki recipe

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S stands for "Satisfying" on the Trim Healthy Mama plan, and these are the stick to your ribs, decadent recipes that we all love, minus the stick to your hips carbs. Even though S recipes are on plan, remember to be varied in your calorie loads, and don't lean too heavily into this type of meal. It's easy to get too low carb and high fat, and stall. Enjoy your S meals and dishes paired with plenty of veggies, and Fuel Pull recipes to keep things on the lighter side.

S Breakfast Recipes

low carb pancakes recipe
lemon yogurt recipe (4 of 6)
orange muffin (1 of 7)
low carb streusel recipe (7 of 11)

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Crossovers mean that you're getting both (on plan, slow) carbs and fats in the recipe. Crossovers are wonderful for maintaining weight, for gaining, or for growing kids. I'll be building this area of my website out more this year. :)